South America

Casanova, Antonio, 1898-1966

Antonio Casanova

A short biography of anarchist and baker Antonio Casanova, who fought in the Spanish Civil War and French Resistance before returning to Argentina.

An account of setting up workplace assemblies

A short account by Raul, a ceramics worker, of how workers won the right to hold mass assemblies in the factory during work time.

Zanon factory occupation - interview with workers

Zanon workers

An excellent set of interviews conducted with workers at the worker-run Zanon ceramics factory, occupied at the time of the Argentine uprising of 2001. It includes historical and background information.

Coca-Cola blockade ended after legal challenges

Blockades have finished, but the workers are taking up their grievances in court

Former employees from the Venezuelan bottling plant have ended their blockade after Coca-Cola sought a legal ban on the blockade.

Workers blockade Coca-Cola bottling plant

15,000 ex-employees are involved in the pickets.

220 protestors began a picket of Coca-Cola's Caracas bottling centre on Monday, refusing to move until they recieve social security payments.

Peruvian indigenous group wins oil pollution battle

Achuar Indians have now returned home following a two-week protest.

Local residents return to their homes having reached an agreement over oil waste after a 15-day protest.

Uruguay government moves to break transport strike

The Uruguayan government has moved to break up a strike among freight workers after the action caused severe shortages of basic supplies around the country.

Sugar workers in Guyana on strike for second day

The sugar industry is Guyana's main employer

Sugar workers in Guyana came out in thousands to demand wage increases.

Chilean police and school students clash

Chilean students march against reforms

The BBC website is reporting that Chilean police have fired water cannon and clashed with high school students who were protesting in the capital, Santiago, over education reforms.

Indigenous Peruvians shut down Amazon oil facility

Rainforest in Southern Ecuador

The Native Federation of the Corrientes River (FECONACO) has shut down Pluspetrol's Amazon oil facilities in protest at water contamination.