Busmen, what next? - Solidarity

Solidarity pamphlet 16, published 21 January, 1964 and written mostly by London bus workers. It looks at the life of the workers, past struggles, the present situation and makes suggestions on how to organise for the future.

Carol Malone, Benefits Street, and mental health

Journalist at the Mirror and general scumbag, Carol Malone, has attacked an individual on Channel 4's 'Benefits Street - calling her a lazy, feckless, thief, and denouncing her mental health problems as a 'sob story'... This is my brief response.

A day in the life of a Curzon cinema worker

A brief tale of toil from a worker in a Curzon cinema in London, where there is an ongoing campaign for the London living wage.

Urban devastation: the planning of incarceration - George Williamson

Urban Devastation front cover

A pamphlet penned by George Williamson under a pseudonym, analysing urban development in the background of capitalist society and class struggle. Published by Solidarity (Oxford) c1976, much of it is still relevant.

Tintin: Breaking free of class-only politics - Hugh Goldring

An article by Hugh Goldring about Adventures of Tintin: Breaking Free, an exercise in detournment that situates Tintin on the front lines of the class struggle. The article addresses the theme of intersectionality in the comic.

How anti-immigrant myths serve the bosses

As the anti-migrant propaganda of the UK press continues, London Antifascists examine how their scapegoating lets government and employers off the hook.

Angry young man - Leslie Paul

Front cover of Angry Young Man

This is the autobiography of the founder of the Woodcraft Folk, detailing his personal journey through the various political struggles occurring in early 20th Century Britain and Europe.

Solidarity (North West) #1.01

The first issue of the journal of the north-west group of Solidarity, with articles about women, building workers' struggle, asbestos, the mail order business and more.

Solidarity (North West) journal

Partial archive of the journal of the North West group of UK libertarian socialist group, Solidarity, from the 1960s and 70s.

Solidarity for workers' power #10

Issue of South London Solidarity from early 1970 with articles about struggles in construction, the CEU executive and more.