Without a trace: a forensics manual for you and me

Booklet cover

An anonymous booklet about police forensic techniques, published in London probably in the mid-1980s. Much of the information contained within is now out of date and so is reproduced for reference only.

Unison activists vote to reopen 2015 pay dispute

Unison Special Local Government Conference, 24 March 2015

In an almost unprecedented move, rank-and-file Unison representatives in councils and schools voted in a special conference earlier today to tear up the 2014-16 pay deal which union leaders drew up with Labour Party officials and submit a new pay claim on top.

Workers’ Playtime journal

WP "funny" graphic

Online archive of Workers’ Playtime, a more-or-less regular class struggle-oriented journal produced between Feb ’83 and May ’85.

Subversion first issue

Subversion first issue cover

First magazine put out by the Subversion group in May/June 1988, by former members of Wildcat. The group later decided to instead publish a free agitational journal with the same name, which restarted from issue 1 below in this archive.

Here and now #16/17

Cover of issue 16/17

Double issue of Here and Now with articles in defence of humans, on the warfare of everyday life, cyber drivel and more, with a supplement on Guy Debord.

Here and now #15

Here and now 15 cover

Issue 15 of Here and Now with articles about the search for security our society disintegrates, surveillance technology, left intellectual culture, east Germany, reviews and more.

Here and now #14

Here and now issue 14 cover

Issue of Here and Now from 1993 with articles about reality TV, anti-fascism, race and space, ecstasy, an exclusive interview with Satan and more.

Here and Now magazine

Cover of the 14th issue of Here and now

Partial online archive of scanned issues of Here and Now, a UK-based situationist magazine published 1985-1994.

Unemployed? Low wages? Bad sex life?! 'The nation' won't help us!

Article on nationalism and its divisive effect between workers, with a focus on warehouse workers in West London.

Don't breakdown! Slow down!

Experiences from Sainsbury's/Wincanton distribution centre in Greenford