Tom Maguire: “An Under-Paid Agitator”

Tom Maguire: “An Under-Paid Agitator”
in the Late-Victorian Socialist Press
Elizabeth Carolyn Miller

William Morris and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement (1921)

William Morris and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement (1921)

Part of the series of biographies of William Morris.
Reminiscences of Morris' work as a propagandist, and observations on his character and genius, with some account of the persons and circumstances of the early socialist agitation, together with a series of letters addressed by Morris to the author. With a pref. by May Morris

Biographies of Karl Marx - reading guide

Karl Marx, Jenny Marx, Eleanor Marx, Laura Marx and Friedrich Engels

Book length or pamphlet length (10,000 words+) or otherwise notable English-language biographies of the life of Karl Marx in chronological order

Early days of the socialist movement in Poland (1876-1893): International Social Revolutionary Party ‘Proletariat’


The International Social Revolutionary Party ‘Proletariat’ (Międzynarodowa Socjalno-Rewolucyjna Partia „Proletariat”, 1882-1886; aka the First Proletariat) was the first socialist party in Poland (at the time a territory divided by the Russian, German and Austrian Empires). The following is a timeline of its formation, growth and decline.

The Cowboy Strike of 1883 and the Demise of Old Tascosa

Details of the "Great Cowboy Strike" of 1883.

The Historical Place of the SPGB

SPGB rally Trafalagar Square 1967

Transcript of the opening remarks of a talk by Steve Coleman (for the Socialist Party of Great Britain) taking place on 1 June 1980 in London. Full audio recording also available online.

Atlanta's washerwomen strike, 1881

African-American washerwomen, 19th-century

A short history of the strike of overwhelmingly African-American women laundresses in Atlanta Georgia. Coming only shortly after the abolition of slavery, the strike was successful in raising wages and establishing a union.

Documents of the Knights of Labor

Letters from the South Grand Master Workman of the Knights of Labor, revealing that the color line still remained a serious problem, and that the Knights did not succeed in breaking down the wall separating white and black. They also throw light on some of the special problems facing the KoL when it moved into the South.

Life of Albert R. Parsons, with brief history of the labor movement in America.

A biography of anarchist, labor activist, newspaper editor, and Haymarket martyr - Albert Parsons. Written by his wife, Lucy Parsons.

Contrasting classical anarchism with anarchism after 1945.

Anarchist Congress London 1913

An incomplete take on the historical development of anarchism as a separate political theory.
From https://kpbsfs.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/boring-academic-piece-2-fo-yo-plagiarism/