William Morris and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement (1921)

William Morris and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement (1921)

Part of the series of biographies of William Morris.
Reminiscences of Morris' work as a propagandist, and observations on his character and genius, with some account of the persons and circumstances of the early socialist agitation, together with a series of letters addressed by Morris to the author. With a pref. by May Morris

The Factory Hell: Eleanor Marx

Pamphlet describing working conditions in 19th century mills and factories in Britain and the futility of reforms to deal with these abuses.

The Working-Class Movement in America: Eleanor Marx

A book detailing the working conditions and the young labour movement of the USA in the 19th Century, based primarily on the daughter of Karl Marx's fifteen week agitation tour.

The Historical Place of the SPGB

SPGB rally Trafalagar Square 1967

Transcript of the opening remarks of a talk by Steve Coleman (for the Socialist Party of Great Britain) taking place on 1 June 1980 in London. Full audio recording also available online.

Angiolillo's vengeance

The story of Michele Angiolillo, an Italian anarchist who assassinated the repressive Spanish Prime Minister Antonio Cánovas in 1897

The Walsall anarchists - David Nicoll

David Nicoll's pamphlet on the Walsall bomb plot. Published in 1892.

Flowers for Homestead at Dulwich Picture Gallery - Practical History

Leaflets distributed at a talk on Henry Frick's art collection, reflecting on the 1892 Homestead strike, and the origins of the wealth of the industrialists whose collections founded many of Britain's major art galleries.

1892: The Homestead Strike

Extracts from Louis Adamic, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman describing the Homestead Strike in 1892, and the circumstances of Berkman’s shooting of Henry Clay Frick, the head of the Carnegie Steel Company’s strike-breaking operation.

1880-1945: Yiddish-speaking libertarians in France

Montmartre in 1907

Short article tracing the development of the Jewish Yiddish language anarchist and syndicalists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in France.

1892-1894: The prison revolt and massacre at Cayenne

Iles du Salut prison cell

A short history of the brutal repression at the Cayenne island prison camp in French Guyana. A rebellion against a prisoner's murder was followed by a massacre of anarchists by the authorities.