Queens, hookers, and hustlers: Organizing for survival and revolt amongst gender-variant sex workers, 1950-1970

A selection from Mack Friedman’s Strapped for Cash: A History of American Hustler Culture.

“Rusty Calley is a Scapegoat”: Culpability in the My Lai Massacre

This piece I wrote provides a critical historical analysis of the 1968 My Lai massacre in Vietnam, specifically looking at culpability at all levels within the military leadership.

Toward a student syndicalist movement

Position paper by Carl Davidson delivered at the August 1966 Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) Convention in Clear Lake, Iowa.

SDS: The rise and development of the Students for a Democratic Society

Kirkpatrick Sale's massive book on Students For a Democratic Society, a student activist movement in the United States that was one of the main representations of the country's New Left.

The Deacons for Defense: armed resistance and the Civil Rights Movement

A pamphlet about the Deacons for Defense, an armed self-defense African-American civil rights organization in the U.S. Southern states during the 1960s.

Theoretical anarchism and anarchist ideology - Miguel Amorós

Mass Meeting in Barcelona in 1976

An essay on post-1939 Spanish anarchism and its ideological fossilization, with special emphasis on the CNT and the role it played in Spain during the1970s, during the Spanish “Transition”, when it attracted large numbers of workers who sympathized with anarchism—it had over 250,000 members in 1978—but soon lost most of them when it became a trade union indistinguishable from the others except for its revolutionary rhetoric, having been founded by a disparate assortment of people who, according to the author, had only one thing in common: “the desire to build a trade union federation that could contend with the Workers Commissions for preeminence in separate class representation.”

From gang-bangers to urban revolutionaries: the Young Lords of Chicago

An essay on Chicago's Young Lords Organization, a Puerto Rican radical group started by former gang members in the 1960s.

Smash the wage freeze! (1966)

A pamphlet by the Syndicalist Workers' Federation denouncing the wage freeze implemented by the first Wilson government (1964-70),

The bomb, direct action and the state

A pamphlet by the Syndicalist Workers' Federation on the attitude of various parties towards nuclear weapons and the means by which disarmament would be achieved. Written in the 1960s.