Karl Marx

Chronological Notes - Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Four notebooks on history, presumably written towards the end of Marx's life. Published only in Russian: Хронологические выписки, volumes 5-8 of the Marx and Engels Archives (1938-1946).

Kapitalo: Karlo Markso

La Kapitalo: Kritiko de la politika ekonomio
Unua volumo
Libro I:
La produktadprocezo de la kapitalo

Volume 5 Issue 6

Vol. V AUGUST, 1910 No.6

The Last Word

“The old man in London” and his critics.

So be It

Rejoinder from Sam Dolgoff.

The Continuing Debate

We should subject both Marxism and anarchism to a critical analysis, and thereby start to provide the basis for a libertarian revolutionary movement that relates adequately to the needs and problems of today.

Bakunin vs. Marx

The debates between Bakunin and Marx transcend petty personal squabbles and embody two diametrically opposed tendencies in the theory and tactics of socialism, the authoritarian and libertarian schools respectively.

An Interview with Karl Marx

A reporter for the New York World interviews Karl Marx in 1871 about the goals and organizational methods of the First International.

A condensed guide to Marxism: from the critique of capitalism to the classless society - Robin Goodfellow

A paraphrase of Capital and the “Communist Manifesto” by former members of the Bordigist group, Communisme ou Civilisation (1976-1998), with chapters on the historical stages of capitalist development, the basic categories of the critique of political economy (labor power, value, surplus value, etc.)—with special emphasis on the increasing productivity of labor—the modern “middle classes”, accumulation and crisis, concluding with a chapter on “the classless society” that calls for the “constitution of the proletariat into a political party” (Engels) and the dictatorship of the proletariat in the form of a transitional proletarian state based on territorial soviets and labor coupons.