Sleep-workers enquiry - Endnotes

Worker's enquiry in the cynical mode: the unrevolutionary working life of the web developer.

This morning, floating through that state between sleep and consciousness where you can become aware of the content of your dreams immediately before waking, I realised that I was dreaming in code again.

A Young Lord Remembers

In the 1960s and 70s, Latino youths in New York City organized themselves into the Young Lords Party. Like the Black Panthers, this organization practiced direct action, rejected pacifism and had an explicitly anti-capitalist character. Richie Perez related his experiences and gives an overview of the group's history.

Part One

"We didn't drop from the sky: Our people's struggles created the Young Lords."

Did we fail? Did we succeed? How do we evaluate? How do we judge/evaluate generations (or the progressive sectors within each generation)? And how do we evaluate OURSELVES?

"Join the banana club": Memories of the Brambles Farm Peace Camp, 1982

Poster for free festival held at Brambles Farm

A personal recollection of one of the many 'peace camps' which sprang up as part of the movement against nuclear and other weaponry in the UK in the early 1980s. It muses on some of the factors which distinguished this camp from others of the time, particularly the implicit tension between a diffuse social criminality or indiscipline associated with younger participants, and the po-faced respectability of those happy to affirm the elitist 'political criminality' of peace activism on the one hand, or parliamentary democracy on the other .

Memories of Brambles Farm peace camp

My Nuclear Family

growing up in los alamos, n.m., by g.s. williamson

There's a state in this country that is a mystery to those outside its borders. Most U.S. citizens don't know whether or not it is a state. Mexican cops have been known to become distinctly agitated at its mention, as if treason were involved. Impoverished, living off tourists and other crawling creatures, New Mexico is often childish in its pretensions to independence.

Derailment From The Fast Track

tale of toil by madame curie

Fear and Loathing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

I should have known something was wrong the first day I started working at The Firm, a large pharmaceutical conglomerate headquartered in Chicago. Several peppy executive types marched up to me, shook my hand, and boomed "Welcome aboard!" Aboard what? I wondered. The Orient Express? A slow boat to China? A freight trail to Hell?

Eastleigh Railway Works: two texts from Boot 'Em! and a 2010 postscript

Here follow two texts from Boot 'Em!, an anarchist paper - 'for autonomous class struggle' - produced in Southampton, UK, which ran for four issues from 1985-86. The first is a leaflet handed to the day shift at the BREL works at Eastleigh (and incorporated in Boot 'Em! No.3). The second is an article about the works from No.4. A postcript from 2010 concludes the series of texts with an interesting account of working life at Eastleigh.

Boot 'Em! No.3 Feb/March 1986.


You fire the worker, we fire the boss – organising at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

A participant's account and critical reflections on an Industrial Workers of the World organising attempt at an independent cinema in 2008.

Keeping Occupied - Living on the Ocean Estate in Stepney Green

An interesting personal account of squatting on an estate in Tower Hamlets, east London.

I’m writing this at the request of another L&S member who pointed out that lots of what I have been doing over the last few months is political and worth recording.

Resistance is fertile - the Common Ground Community Garden in Reading

A detailed personal account of the setting up of an occupied community garden in Reading in 2007, which was later evicted by the council.

You’re in the centre of Reading. You walk south, past the shops, the chain pubs, the empty office blocks. You reach the Oracle, a plastic, steel and glass cathedral built to praise the gods of shopping. You cross the IDR – a massive dual carriageway built through the centre of the town as part of the most ill thought out experiment in traffic management – and enter London Street.

Poles 'n holes: Working in the porn biz

Pornography worker Chaz Bufe on work, sexuality and censorship in America. We do not agree with all of it (for the reasons outlined by Commie Princess in the comments below) but reproduce it for reference.

I was broke. Dead busted. I needed a job—fast. And the first that came along was at the Back Door Theater, "Parking and Entrance in the Rear—for Your Privacy." My friend Russell was working there, and he got me a job after one of his fellow employees passed out on the pool table at the bar next to the theater during a shift. Calling the Back Door (BD) a "theater" was something of a misnomer.