Resisting work in harvest time

Tad, a combine driver, recounts sabotaging machines in order to get a break from work on Texas farms.

I got a job with a custom cutter, the people who follow the wheat harvest from Texas on up to North Dakota every summer. The combines we were using were a new model series on loan from International Harvester. A fleet of eight or ten of us went along in a big row through the fields and checked out the new models to see how they were performing.

A bike messengers minor rebellion

Kenny, a bicycle courier, recalls taking direct action to get management to abandon a new work practice.

Being a bike messenger in Seattle is hellish, but we had it kind of cush. We had to work our butts off, but at least we got paid by the hour.

Account of a well-prepared wildcat strike

Nick, an assembly line worker, recounts sabotage and a walkout at his factory when the workers' contract expired.

I worked for a year in a typical World War II-style plant with a saw tooth tin roof and smoke stacks billowing oily gray smoke. There were 1,000 of us poor bastards working there, doing mind less arm and wrist repetitions thousands of times per day, producing a basic industrial product.

Shirking 9 to 5: diary of a reluctant temp

An agency worker recalls several years' temping in London, trying to help his co-workers and do as little work as possible.


An account of unofficial action at Tower Hamlets College

A short account by a participant of a staff rebellion in 2009 against an enforced training session, which helped build workers' collective confidence prior to a big strike.

Some local supporters witnessed an open air meeting of our union branch on Friday 3rd July where we had to take the decision of what to do on the Monday of the last week of work. Monday was not a strike day because it was planned as something more important.

Looking Back on the Oaxaca Rebellion

Reflections on the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca by a North American anarchist who visited the city two years after the rebellion.

I arrived in Oaxaca in the fall of 2008.

Reflections on work, legal aid and the welfare state

A legal aid worker's analysis of legal aid, and its role in preserving social peace in capitalist society.


Notes from a journey to Sarajevo - Petar Petrović

A few impressions and speculations about the state and economy of Bosnia, by a revolutionary from Serbia who visited in 1998.

After the wars in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (in Slovenia, in Croatia, in Bosnia-Hercegovina), and after similar accompanying capitalist agressions across the world, in a small group of people that I know and with whom I like to discuss, a discussion developed about the immediate course of the development and spread of global capitalism in this region.

The story of this group (in its various incarnations) - No War But The Class War

Following the re-formation of the No War But The Class War group shortly after September 11, 2001, members of the group look at its history and limitations.

In September 1990, US, British and other forces were mobilising in the Gulf following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and full scale war was imminent. At Conway Hall in London's Red Lion Square a meeting was held on Sunday 2 September "to organise a plan of action... to counteract the blatant warmongering and racism that is going on".

Flint 1936-7: Diary of a sitdowner

Sitdown strikers in Fisher Body

The diary of one of the striking General Motors workers who occupied their factories between December 1936 and February 1937.

General Motors' sit-in strikers' thoughts inside Fisher Body #2 – Flint, Michigan

Written by Francis O'Rourke

December 30, 1936 – 6:45 a.m.