Berlin 2006: The long road Organizing the unemployed can be as strenuous as trying to repel the Labour Exchange's impudences

An account of welfare claimants' collective organising for their rights in Germany.

Small scale anarchist class struggle in Amsterdam's restaurants

A detailed account of two "direct action casework" campaigns around unpaid wages in the Raffle's Grand Café and Phuket Thai restaurants in Amsterdam.

Schorndorf 1991: A Successful Temp Workers' Strike

The FAU was founded as a union for all wage-workers and therefore also for temporary workers. In March of 1991 a spontaneous and successful strike was launched by temp workers at the Bauknecht Company in the small swabian city of Schorndorf.

Dare to be a Daniel! - Wilf McCartney

Book Cover

Wilf McCartney (1877-1949) was a catering worker from the age of ten. Here he gives a vivid description of the conditions in the kitchens of London's West End restaurants (some of which haven't altered much) and the way a revolutionary syndicalist union was built in 1910, to be smashed by the 1914-1918 war.

Sleep-workers enquiry - Endnotes

Worker's enquiry in the cynical mode: the unrevolutionary working life of the web developer.

A Young Lord Remembers

In the 1960s and 70s, Latino youths in New York City organized themselves into the Young Lords Party. Like the Black Panthers, this organization practiced direct action, rejected pacifism and had an explicitly anti-capitalist character. Richie Perez related his experiences and gives an overview of the group's history.

"Join the banana club": Memories of the Brambles Farm Peace Camp, 1982

Poster for free festival held at Brambles Farm

A personal recollection of one of the many 'peace camps' which sprang up as part of the movement against nuclear and other weaponry in the UK in the early 1980s. It muses on some of the factors which distinguished this camp from others of the time, particularly the implicit tension between a diffuse social criminality or indiscipline associated with younger participants, and the po-faced respectability of those happy to affirm the elitist 'political criminality' of peace activism on the one hand, or parliamentary democracy on the other .

My Nuclear Family

growing up in los alamos, n.m., by g.s. williamson

Derailment From The Fast Track

tale of toil by madame curie

Eastleigh Railway Works: two texts from Boot 'Em! and a 2010 postscript

Here follow two texts from Boot 'Em!, an anarchist paper - 'for autonomous class struggle' - produced in Southampton, UK, which ran for four issues from 1985-86. The first is a leaflet handed to the day shift at the BREL works at Eastleigh (and incorporated in Boot 'Em! No.3). The second is an article about the works from No.4. A postcript from 2010 concludes the series of texts with an interesting account of working life at Eastleigh.