Brief report from a brief visit to Madison - Loren Goldner

A piece by Loren Goldner about his trip to Madison, Wisconsin to join the protests around collective bargaining law.

Step Across the Border: Lakhani Workers in Faridabad and in Uttaranchal

Reports from Indian garment workers on their conditions, February 2011.

Turn a Blind Tired Eye: Security Guards from Gurgaon

A report on the security industry and conditions for security workers in Gurgaon, India in February 2011.

The Empire’s New Clothes: Reports from Textile Workers

Reports from textile workers in India in February 2011.

From Supply-Chains to Radical-Chains: Reports from Automobile Workers

While workers in the global north are with their backs to the wall of crisis – see current dispute at FIAT Mirafiori – the automobile workers in the global south suffer for a pathetic ‘boom’.

White Lion Free School Islington

A personal account of being a student at the White Lion Free School in Islington, London, which existed from 1972 to 1990. Its primarily to counter a negative perception given by a former teacher, who wrote a book called 'Free School: The White Lion Experience'.

The penguin history of Brighton SolFed-thought

The evolution of Brighton Solfed, if Banksy drew it.

A brief and incomplete account of the evolution of ‘Brighton SolFed thought’, so if you don’t get what we’re on about you might have some context.

On food

Food has always been an issue in Egypt, whether happy arguments such as who makes the best tameyya or koshari in town, or the persistent anxiety of Egyptians about food prices and how to make the means to buy enough food. Recently, with the events of the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about food quite often.

The political carnival

A revolutionary, organic, engaged, democratic space has emerged in Tahrir Square. Numbers swell and fall throughout the day, people come and go, but intense and sophisticated political engagement remains a fixture. From debates about the relative merits of parliamentary vs presidential systems, to proposals about consititutional reforms, to suggested programmes of political transition, there is only one thing on everyone’s mind.

Bain Ave. controversy

A reply to an account on a conflict between two factions within an apartment complex headed towards co-operative ownership.