Wobbly Fred Thompson on the 30s depression - Studs Terkel

The late Wobbly veteran, in conversation with the late Studs Terkel, looks back on his experience in the class struggle.

Source; Hard Times - An Oral History of the Great Depression; Studs Terkel, Pantheon Books, NY, 1970.

Long lost wildcat strikes in the UK, 1960s - 1990s

Rubbish piles up during the winter of discontent

Interesting article with snippets of analysis and often personal anecdotes about a number of unofficial strikes in the UK since the 1960s.

An introduction…

Up against the odds - The JJ Foods strike, 1995

An account of the JJ fast food worker's strike in Tottenham, 1995-6, and its lessons for workers today.

This pamphlet looks at the problems the JJ workers faced: of working within the current union structures, of police and State harassment, the bureaucracy of industrial tribunals and the participation of the organised left. It also attempts to draw some positive lessons as to how workers can improve things for the better through direct action and working class organisation.

The third wave, 1967: an account - Ron Jones

Schoolteacher Ron Jones's personal account of his experiment which created a proto-fascist movement amongst his high school pupils in Palo Alto, California, which in 2008 was subject of the award-winning film The Wave.

For years I kept a strange secret. I shared this silence with two hundred students. Yesterday I ran into one of those students. For a brief moment it all rushed back.

Strike in the docks of Constanta in Romania, 2008

An account and analysis of the largely successful strike of Romanian dockers over pay and shift working in 2008.

DP World - Europe 's Eastern gateway blocked:
Strike in the docks of Constanta

Resistance from the other South Africa

No Land! No House! No Vote!

Neha Nimmagudda, a student from NYC, spent a few months working as a full time volunteer with the Abahlali baseMjondolo movement in South Africa. In this essay she reflects one of the movement's quarterly all night meetings in which critical issues are discussed.

The topic of this particular meeting was 'leadership'. While Abahlali has never stated that it is an anarchist movement many have drawn parallels between 'Abahlalism' and 'anarchism'. Certainly the movement considers both the state and the vanguardist left to be oppressors.

Neha Nimmagudda (2008-07-17)

A brief account of Unison's national conference, 2008

A critical account of the 2008 Unison national delegate conference by libcom group member Steven Johns, analysing how the union's bureaucracy systematically attempts to remove control of the union from its rank and file and also looking at the response to the from the union's left-wing.

I recently attended Unison's national delegate conference in Bournemouth as a delegate from a London local government branch. It was an eye opening experience with respect to the machinations of political groupings within the union.

In particular some of the ways in which the new Labour-linked bureaucracy maintained control over the supposedly lay lead organisation became clear.

Democracy in my experience

Philani Zungu offers a brief but powerful account of the lived experience of life as a shack dweller under democracy in South Africa.

People have different definitions of democracy.

Some people say that democracy means freeing everyone to do whatever they want, regardless of rule or controls, with no instructions or boundaries, no importance to whether what is done is wrong or right.

The Ninety-third Division: black US soldiers' struggles in World War II - Nelson Peery

Nelson Peery - infantryman, 93rd Division - Mojave Desert, California 1942

Extracts from Nelson Peery's Black Fire - The Making Of A Black Revolutionary. Peery describes here the racism and segregation encountered by black soldiers and their militancy in opposing it during WWII.

Theory and practice: recent struggles in Brighton

The long-sought unity of theory and practice?

Members of Aufheben reflect on 15 years of involvement in struggles in Brighton and the influence it has had on their theory and practice.

Theoretical criticism and practical overthrow fifteen years on: A reflection

Theoretical criticism and practical overthrow are...inseparable activities, not in any abstract sense but as a concrete and real alteration of the concrete and real world of bourgeois society. (Karl Korsch; as cited in Aufheben inaugural editorial, Autumn, 1992)