Fighting an increase in production quota

Paul Krehbiel tells how he and his co-workers carried out a slowdown in a Buffalo glass factory in 1968; they succeeded in preventing management from raising their production quota. The author has used some literary license for dramatic purposes and has changed some names to protect co-workers' privacy.

Paper Boys - one man's accounts of picketing at Wapping

Police protect the Wapping plant

One man's very personal account of the often violent picketing during the News International strike at Wapping in 1985-6.

Young Detroit Radicals 1955-1965 - Dan Georgakas

CLR James

Dan Georgakas's personal recollections of radicals in Detroit and the people who formed the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

Greek riots 2008 eyewitness reports

Daily reports, eyewitness and participant accounts and documents from the December 2008 uprising in Greece following the police killing of 15-year-old Alexander Grigoropoulos.

In the Sorting Office - on the 2009 post strikes

A postman explains Royal mail's "modernisation" programme and how it affects workers and service delivery.

Anatomy of an industrial struggle: Chrysler factory at Tonsley Park in Adelaide 1976-1978

A worker at the Tonsley Park Chrysler plant

An account of two years of struggle at an Australian Chrysler plant by one of the workers, including a detailed look at the role of the union.

Wildcat: Dodge Truck June 1974

Detailed article by participants and eyewitnesses about the wildcat strike at the Chrysler truck plant in Michigan, 1974, and the roles of the workers, the union and the left.

The Hamburg revolution - Heinrich Laufenberg

A participant's account of their involvement in the November 1918 rebellion in Hamburg, and the movement of workers' councils that developed from it.

Low-level organising in a hospital

A hospital worker named Malcolm's account of collective organisation and counter-information in the workplace.

Direct action against unpaid wages on a demolition site

Demolition worker Anthony's account of labouring in the New England winter, and taking direct action when his wages were not paid.