Letter from a London street cleaner

An account of working life for a London street sweeper hired through a temp agency.

Rendezvous with call centre workers

A discussion with some call centre workers about aspects of working life in Germany in 2005.

The American worker - Paul Romano and Ria Stone

General Motors workers assemble an engine

An extensive two-part article on factory workers in the US in 1947. In the first half, auto worker Phil Singer (using the pen name,Paul Romano) vividly describes factory life, and in the second, Grace Lee Boggs (using the psydenym, Ria Stone) outlines a Marxist analysis.

Organising at Fiat, 1969

Fiat workers strike in the hot autumn of 1969

The speech of a worker from the Fiat Mirafiori plant outlining workers' organising efforts and lessons they had learned in the militant struggles running up to the hot autumn of 1969.

Marx on the piss; a London pub crawl with Karl Marx in the late 1850s - Wilhelm Liebknecht

An account by Liebknecht of a smashing drunken evening in London town, written some 40 years after the event...

Against the state as boss - Autonomous Assembly of Alfa Romeo

Striking: A 1972 Alfa Romeo

A fascinating and detailed first person account of workers struggles at Italian state-owned auto manufacturer, Alfa Romeo from 1971-1972.

Fighting an increase in production quota

Paul Krehbiel tells how he and his co-workers carried out a slowdown in a Buffalo glass factory in 1968; they succeeded in preventing management from raising their production quota. The author has used some literary license for dramatic purposes and has changed some names to protect co-workers' privacy.

Paper Boys - one man's accounts of picketing at Wapping

Police protect the Wapping plant

One man's very personal account of the often violent picketing during the News International strike at Wapping in 1985-6.

Young Detroit Radicals 1955-1965 - Dan Georgakas

CLR James

Dan Georgakas's personal recollections of radicals in Detroit and the people who formed the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

Greek riots 2008 eyewitness reports

Daily reports, eyewitness and participant accounts and documents from the December 2008 uprising in Greece following the police killing of 15-year-old Alexander Grigoropoulos.