Mayday 1999 - On the tube

Fascists and police routed: the battle of Cable Street - Reg Weston

Anti-fascists and locals on the barricades

Cable Street - October 4th 1936 - an eyewitness account by Reg Weston, Higham resident and life-time member of the National Union of Journalists .

Boris Yelensky's memoirs of the Russian Revolution

Nestor Makhno

Anarchist Boris Yelensky's memoirs of the Russian Revolution. Yelensky later published Maximov's work and was a central figure in the Anarchist Black Cross.

Lenin, Also - Ante Ciliga

Chapter 9 of Book 3 of Ante Ciliga's extraordinary book The Russian Enigma, originally published as In The Land of The Great Lie.

Class struggle in a German town - Wildcat

Philippsburg nuclear-power plant

Great text from 1986 looking at the class struggle in Philippsburg, Germany, from a group of temp workers who worked on the construction of the Philippsburg nuclear-power plant, amidst the antinuclear power movement.

Faceless resistance: Everyday resistance at a Swedish bakery - Kampa Tillsammans

Tales of work and struggle in a large Swedish bakery under threat from closure.