The Full Sutton prisoners' strike

A brief account of a strike of around 250 prisoners at Full Sutton prison in England, from Black Flag magazine #207.

2005: Dead city - accounts of Hurricane Katrina

Anti church movement demonstration in Hyde Park - Karl Marx

Contemporary illustration of a riot in Hyde Park, 1866

An account by Karl Marx of a demonstration in Hyde Park, London, against a proposed ban on Sunday trading on June 24, 1855.

Interview with an Edelweiss Pirate - Walter Mayer

Edelweiss Pirates in Cologne.

Transcript of a short interview with Walter Mayer, a member of the German youth anti-Nazi organisation, the Edelweiss Pirates.

1988: Massacre in Halabja - ICG

Still on strike! Recollections of a Bisbee deportee - Fred Watson

Bisbee deportation

An account by a striking miner and Wobbly (Industrial Workers of the World member) who was deported with 1,185 other strikers to New Mexico by armed vigilantes hired by copper bosses to defeat the strike.

Meetings in the Kremlin in Moscow 1921 - interview with Bernhard Reichenbach

Lenin addresses the third congress of the Comintern, June 28, July 1 or 5 1921

An interview conducted in 1964 with former KAPD (Communist Workers Party of Germany) member Bernhard Reichenbach about the 1921 Communist International Congress in Moscow, after which the KAPD withdrew from the Comintern.

Sabotage in a saw mill

An account of everyday sabotage in a saw mill by Crawdad, a mill worker.

Sabotage of police data collection

Zeke, a records clerk, recounts his and workmate's sabotage of the Arizona police car registration information.