Adam Weaver

Especifismo: Ang Anarkistang Pamamaraan sa Pagbuo ng mga Kilalang Samahan at Rebolusyonaryong Kilusan

A Tagalog translation of Adam Weaver's introduction to Especifismo.

Socialist faces in high places: Syriza's fall from grace and the elusive electoral road - Enrique Guerrero-López and Adam Weaver

An article by Enrique Guerrero-López and Adam Weaver on the dead-end road of parliamentary socialism.

Learning from our mistakes: IWWs criticize and reflect on their organizing

Adam Weaver, in response to an insinuation that the IWW criticizes every union but itself, lists some of the publicly available debates, discussions and criticisms about IWW organizing and strategy.

Fast food workers strike: what is and what isn’t the Fight for Fifteen campaign

A short article by Adam Weaver about the Fight for Fifteen fast-food 'strikes' in the United States.

Fighting for the future: The necessity and possibility of national political organization for our time

This essay is an argument for moving towards national organization in the United States. It explores the limitations of political organization today, recent positive experiences, and possible ways to build on the present to push forward.

From theory to practice, taking a critical look at Leninism

Adam Weaver reviews Ron Taber's 1988 book, A Look At Leninism, which is available in PDF format here.

Outline of US Labor History with a Focus on the Role of the Left

A rough outline for an introduction to US labor history that was created as part of a presentation. The outline attempts to periodize important organizations and broad trends by decade. A particular focus is to also look at the changing relationship of the left within the labor movement.

Building radical unionism: Providing services without creating service unionism

A critique of 'service unionism' while advocating that some types of service are desirable in a radical union.

Especifismo: The anarchist praxis of building popular movements and revolutionary organization in South America - Adam Weaver

Lucha Libertaria (Libertarian Struggle), Uruguayan Anarchist Federation paper.

The theory and history of Especifismo explained and elaborated on and its similarities and differences with Platformism.