Albanian revolt 1997

Upheaval in the land of the eagles

A short account of post-war Albanian social history and an analysis of the 1997 rebellion. Includes an extensive chronology of events.


Albania: Laboratory of Subversion, 1997

US citizens evacuated, 1997

A collection of articles on the Albanian insurrection of 1997, by Elephant Editions.

In Albania, just two years ago, a sudden explosion of popular rage eloquently demonstrated that the state only persists thanks to the gracious complicity of its subjects. When this complicity ends,structures that appeared invincible disintegrate overnight...


Holidays in Albania - Part 2, 1997

US citizens evacuated from Tirana, 1997

An eyewitness record of Albania during March, covering the confrontation between Berisha, the political parties and the rebels.

The following article was one of two written by collaborators of "Alpha", a weekly Greek anarchist paper and published in issue 89, 7 April 1997. The first one is a report on the experiences of E.P. in the Albanian south between 20 - 25 March, plus two characteristic dialogues.

Holidays in Albania - Part 1, 1997

An account by EP of the Albanian south between 20 - 25 March during the uprising, plus two characteristic dialogues.

This is the first of two articles written by two collaborators of "Alpha", a weekly Greek anarchist paper and published in issue 89, 7 April 1997

1997: The Albanian insurrection

Demonstrators in 1997

A little-known uprising in Albania, triggered by International Monetary Fund measures after which the state lost complete control.

The uprising that took Albania to the brink of revolution in 1997 was not supposed to happen – the Albanians, we were told, had shaken off their Stalinist masters and were now enjoying their new found capitalist freedom.

Albania 1997: The Proletariat Confronts the Bourgeois State - ICG

From Communism #11

"The atmosphere in Gjirokaster is mad. Popular revolt transforms itself into total anarchy, there are no more police, no more State, no more rules. The city is exuding enthusiasm, blossoming, has become excited by rebellion."
(Le Monde - 11/3/1997)