Hunterston nuclear plant - strike update

Following the 2 day strike Balfour Kilpatrick bosses remain adamant that they won’t return the 50p enhancement to electricians pay that had been in place for 30 years.

Hunterston nuclear power station workers on strike

Workers employed by Balfour Kilpatrick at Hunterston nuclear power station began a series of weekly strikes today.

UK: Cottam power station wildcat strike

Fifteen men have been sacked due to a wildcat strike last week at Cottam power station near Lincoln.

BBC strike this month?

500 BBC production staff are likely to strike on the 15th and 23rd of February over job cuts. Mergers of production jobs, likely to cause over 100 job losses according to the union BECTU, have provoked the decision to strike by workers in Bristol, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

1.5 million may strike over pensions

Workers in nine different unions are to be balloted for strike action over Whitehall plans to alter the local government pensions scheme.

Strike at RAF air base averted for talks

Strike action has been suspended at a Shropshire air base to allow further talks to take place with bosses over a long-running pay dispute.