Against conspiracy theories: Why our activism must be based in reality

Against conspiracy theories: Why our activism must be based in reality

The text of a talk given at Occupy Wellington, New Zealand, on October 27 2011. The talk was organised to try to counter the prevalence of conspiracy theories amongst the local wing of the Occupy movement.

Looking back at anarchists and the 2006 Progressive Enterprises lockout

Locked out workers on the Mangere picket line

In August and September 2006, New Zealand was hit with the largest and most prominent industrial dispute experienced in the country for several years, when over 500 supermarket distribution centre workers were locked out for close to a month. Anarchists were involved in the nationwide campaign in support of the workers in a variety of ways.

Introduction to Anarchist-Communism

We live in a beautiful world. After millions of years of evolution, humans have built vast societies that span almost the entire globe. These societies, however, are marked by massive differences in wealth and power. While some individuals have more than they could ever possibly use, let alone need, many of us struggle just to put food on the table, or even to have a place of our own to put a table in. Our society is fundamentally divided into two classes – the ruling class, encompassing a tiny percentage of the 6 billion plus people living on this planet, and the working class, the vast majority of us. The system which divides us is called capitalism.