Rise up every night, everywhere, every workplace

It has been said that the Nuit debout uprisings had their genesis in the idea that protestors should not go home after the next protest rather they should stay and occupy space. What if we decided as workers that we would not picket outside the workplace and then go back to work after the next big strike, that we would occupy the factory!

Self and revolution

Central to the neoliberal revolution, indeed capitalism itself, is the fashioning of an acquisitive and individualist self. To create a socialist society must, then, also have as a central concern the fashioning of a sense of self that is fraternal and ecological. The dichotomy between social anarchism and lifestyle anarchism is a false dichotomy.

To spread the revolution: anarchist archives and libraries - Jessica Moran

Kate Sharpley Library bookfair stall: three people beneath a red and back banner

Notes on why anarchists have created libraries (past and present) and some of the challenges they face, drawing on a survey of current anarchist libraries, anarchist history, and the author's own experiences at the Kate Sharpley Library.

Prairie Struggle posters, handouts and pictures


Here are a majority of all Prairie Struggle Organization's poster & handouts created during its short 3-4 year existence.

International Council Correspondence Volume 1, Number 9

The Volume 1, Number 9 (June 1935) issue of International Council Correspondence.

Ghosts of Anarchist Past: a review of Kenyon Zimmer’s Immigrants Against the State - Donald Parkinson

Donald Parkinson reviews Kenyon Zimmer's Immigrants against the state: Yiddish and Italian anarchism in America.

The Rebel Chronicles #5: Sergei Nechayev

This episode of the radical history series focuses on Sergei Nechayev and his tumultuous friendship with Mikhail Bakunin. For more episodes, please go to:

The anarchist cookbook - Keith McHenry with Chaz Bufe

Cover image

Unlike the original Anarchist Cookbook, which contained instructions for the manufacture of explosives, this 2015 version is both a cookbook in the literal sense and also a “cookbook” of recipes for social and political change.

Noam Chomsky: reading guide

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is such a prolific writer that it is hard to know where to start when reading his writings. What’s more, useful criticisms of these writings can be difficult to find among all the largely useless right-wing comments on the internet. So here is a list of Chomsky’s major - largely political - writings followed by a list of the more useful critiques of his thought. Please suggest any others that we've missed.

Barroero, Guido, (1946-2015)

Guido Barroero

A short biograhy of Italian anarchist and metalworker Guido Barroero