Unemployed struggles in Leeds in 1908

A short account of unemployed agitation in Leeds in 1908 and anarchist involvement in it

Humphrey, John (1873-1947)

A short biography of London anarchist John Humphrey

Guillaume-Schack, Gertrud (1845-1903)

Gertrud Guillaume-Schack

A short biography of the "Anarchist Countess" Gertrud Guillaume-Schack, active in the Socialist League.

Pelliccia, Nelly (1925-1945)

Anarchist column in Carrara region

A short biography of Italian anarchist partisan Nelly Pelliccia

Class justice in 1920

A short account of the attack on the anarchist speaker Sydney Hanson

An anarchist expropriator in England in 1921

A very short account of the trial of an anarchist burglar called Arthur Richards.

Dryhurst, Nannie Florence, 1856-1930

Nannie Dryhurst

A short biography of anarchist Nannie Dryhurst, active in the Freedom group.

Art of Carlos Cortez

Some images of the art of Carlos Cortez, a long time member of the IWW and anarcho-syndicalist who died in 2005.

The uprising in Baja California

A short account of the Magonista uprising in Baja California, supported by US Wobblies.

The Mexican Revolution

A look at the Mexican Revolution from the pages of Organise! the magazine of the Anarchist Federation