Steinacker, Hermann ( 1870-1944)

A short biography of Hermann Steinacker, German anarchist murdered by the Nazis.

"Fixed and unwavering our comrade always believed in the collapse of the Nazi regime. Quiet, even humorous, he endured his imprisonment in the Munster penitentiary." August Benner writing about Hermann Steinacker.

Holke, Artur Paul(1883-1940)

Der Anarchist

A short biography of the German anarchist Artur Holke, murdered by the Nazis.

Holke is to be regarded as an incurable anarchist.” - German police report.

Artur Holke was born in Leipzig-Eutritzsch on 12th January 1883. He worked as a plumber in Leipzig.

Sellenet, Jules (1881-1941) aka Boudoux, Francis or François or J.S. and also as Jean Le Vieux

Sellenet alias Boudoux

A short biography of French steel fitter Jules Sellenet, who operated under the name of Boudoux.

Jules Sellenet was born on 18th July 1881 at St-Etienne in the Loire region of France. He married Joséphine Doumen at Coursan in the Aude region in 1901. A little later he was drafted into the army. Because of his anarchist opinions he was transferred from one infantry regiment to another at Narbonne.

The shoot-out at Rue Grange aux Belles, 1924

33 Rue Grange Aux Belles

A short account of the incident that signalled a major rift between the Communist Party and the anarchists in France.

If anything acted as a marker for the utter rift between the anarchists and Communists in France it was the killings at the Rue Grange aux Belles on 11th January 1924.

Broutchoux, Benoit, 1879-1944

Benoit Broutchoux

A short biography of Benoit Broutchoux, French anarchist active in the mines of the North.

His anarchism was not doctrinaire. It was made up of syndicalism, of anti-parliamentarism, of free thought, of free love, of neo-Malthusianism and lots of cheek. He was Benoit, simply Benoit .” Pierre Monatte on Broutchoux

Scherer, Fritz, 19031-988

Fritz Scherer(right) Berthold Cahn (left) 1932

A short account of the life of the German anarchist Fritz Scherer

Schwab, Justus (1847-1900)

Sketch by V. Gribayedoff  of Schwab's saloon

A short biography of Justus Schwab, German-American anarchist saloon-keeper

The Pub Landlord

Poulaille, Henry (1896-1980)

Henry Poulaille

A short biography of the anarchist writer Henry Poulaille, champion of Proletarian Literature.

Henry Poulaille was born in a working class family in 5th December 1896, in the working class district of Menilmontant in Paris. His mother was a chair caner and his father was a carpenter. His father was interested in revolutionary syndicalism and supported all the actions of the dynamic young CGT and was sympathetic to anarchism and revolutionary socialism.

Dimitris Matsalis and individual terrorism - Liopetas-Agallopoulos case

Article on the use of individual terrorism by anarchists in 1890s Greece, focusing on the life of Dimitris Matsalis, a sandal-maker and anarchist who killed a banker and the Liopetas-Agallopoulos case.

On 3 November 1896, in Patras, sandal-maker Dimitris Matsalis (or Matsanis by some, originated from Argos, a town of Eastern Peloponnese), who had attended the theatre play "William the Porter" which was played on in Patras at the time by an Italian troupe, and in which the power of wealth revealed outweighing any feeling of justice, attacked by a knife at

Magkanaras, Giannis

Biography of Greek anarchist Giannis Magkanaras, who was active in the movement towards the end of the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Despite we know today some of his writings, yet we have not been able to form an insufficient data on the life of Giannis Magkanaras. We know, however, that he and everyone else with the surname Magkanaras originate from Ioannis Magkanaros, who was a French, graduate of the French Military School of Paris, an officer of Napoleon and a philhellene.