Pressure drop in Peckham

Peckham in 1894

A short account of the state repression against the Peckham Anarchist Communist Group in 1894

Recchioni, Emidio (1864-1934) aka Nemo, Rastignac, Savarin

Recchioni with Vera and Vero

A short biography of the Italian anarchist Emidio Recchioni, father of Vernon Richards

The street where God did not strike down Feigenbaum

Ruderman (back row, right)

A short account of anarchist connections to Hanbury Street in the East End of London.

Corio, Silvio (1875-1954) aka Crastinus, Qualunque

A short biography of Italian anarchist Silvio Corio, active in London

The North East London Anarchist Group

A short history of the North East London Anarchist Group, founded in 1946

Barr, Ralph (1881-1951)

Barr, May 1, 1937 at Hyde Park

A short biography of Hammersmith anarchist Ralph Barr

Olivereau, Louise (1883- 1963)

Louise Olivereau

A short biography of anarchist and war resister Louise Olivereau

Life of Albert R. Parsons, with brief history of the labor movement in America.

A biography of anarchist, labor activist, newspaper editor, and Haymarket martyr - Albert Parsons. Written by his wife, Lucy Parsons.

Partos, Pal (1911-1964) aka Paul Polgare, Pablo Polgare, Folgare

Short biography of Hungarian who moved from being influenced by Korsch to being the keeper of the Spanish CNT archives

Sollitt, Matt (1840-1916)

A short biography of Leeds anarchist Matt Sollitt