Class, nation, people and the real movement within the crisis of reproduction of capitalist social relations

This text aims at a critique of recent left (and “ultra-left”) analyses that use the concepts of “middle class”, “interclassism” and populism in order to describe or even polemicize against social movements such as the “movements of the squares” and the “yellow vests” movement.

Vogelfrei. Migration, deportations, capital and its state - Antithesi

Blockade of the railways at Idomeni

The publication of our pamphlet entitled Vogelfrei. Migration, deportations, capital and its state aims at contributing to the analysis and critique of the politics of the EU and the Greek state on the control and biopolitical management of migration from a proletarian standpoint.

On the ecology of capitalism - Antithesi

Northwest Passage Sea Ice Melting


  1. The law of value and nature as non-value
  2. The estrangement of society from nature
  3. The metabolic rift
  4. Free appropriation (plunder) of the elements of natural wealth
  5. On the "limits to growth", the "steady-state economy", the concept of "sustainable development" and other capitalist ideologies
  6. Struggles against the capitalist plunder of nature
  7. In place of an epilogue