Subway workers hold 'no fare' protest and strike in Buenos Aires

This week employees on the Buenos Aires subway freed turnstiles for two hours in a move to press the government to grant legal status to their recently created trade union as well as taking strike action.

The Need of Our Own Project by Organisación Socialista Libertaria (Argentina)

A short piece advocating specific organization ("Especifismo") from an Argentinian group.

Buela, Juana Rouco 1889-1969

Juana Rouco Buela

A short biography of Juana Rouco Buela, formidable fighter for women's liberation and anarchism

Argentina: poverty and the militarisation of society, 1990

Map of Argentina

An anti-authoritarian analysis of the dire situation faced by ordinary people in Argentina in 1990.

Wildcat grows Argentine airport strike

Check-in workers in Buenos Aires walked out after passengers stranded by a baggage handlers strike rioted on Saturday.

Argentina: Teachers strike in memory of colleague

On October 5th there were mass walkouts nationwide by teachers in state and private schools in memory of a colleague who had been killed by police.

Working class protest, popular revolt and urban insurrection in Argentina: the 1969 Cordobazo - James P. Brennan

Study of the 1969 uprising in the Argentine city of Cordoba, known as the Cordobazo, which saw students and workers rise up against the military dictatorship of General Juan Carlos Onganía with a series of strikes and urban riots.

Soto, Antonio, 1897-1963

Antonio Soto in Río Gallegos.

A short biography of Spanish anarchist Antonio Soto, who was heavily involved in the Argentinian revolutionary movement and the FORA in the 1920s.

Argentina: What is the MTD 'Anibal Veron'?

2003 organizational document of a now defunct national coordination of unemployed workers assemblies. The majority of the assemblies are now integrated in the Frente Popular Darío Santillán.

Argentina: wildcat strike on Buenos Aires Metro

Metro Workers in Buenos Aires launched a 24-hour wildcat strike in protest at an agreement between management and their union.