Socialism and the Avant-Garde, 1880-1914 - Eric Hobsbawm

walter crane - solidarity of labour

Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm's account of the relationship between the prewar artistic avant-garde and the workers' movement of that period. Both converged in the late nineteenth century, diverged quite sharply in the first phase of radical 'modernism', but found each other again - at least for a few passionate years - under the impact of the Great War and the October Revolution.

The Closed Window Onto Another Life - endangeredphoenix

Culture is the commodity that sells the whole of the commodity economy. But a critique of art and of culture is virtually absent amongst the revolutionary milieu in the UK, an absence we try to make up for here.

The Dream of Fluxus, by George Macuinas

The Baltic’s recent Fluxus show can’t entirely conceal the radical ambition and potential of avant-garde art, finds Tom Jennings.

Crimethinc and the corrupting influence of art

In this article for Freedom, first published in 2008, Jim L looks at the gulf between creations enjoyed by the masses and Art for the elites

Art - reading guide's guide to further reading around the subject of art, film, music and literature.

Resist: Protest Art, Crescent Arts, Scarborough, 2003. Art review

Review of a group show of new political art.

Spank the Monkey, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts, Gateshead, 2006. Art review

This review finds that The Baltic’s ‘street art’ exhibition bites off much more than it can chew.

Küba, by Kutlug Ataman, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle, July-August 2006. Art review

Küba’s multitude of screens give a fascinating but flawed portrayal of community.

Hot House Cold Storage, by Sally Madge, Isis Gallery, Melmerby, Cumbria, 2004. Art review – Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings’ review of a ground-breaking site-specific installation.