The Revolution of Modern Art and the Modern Art of Revolution (Clark, Gray, Nicholson-Smith, Radcliffe & others, 1967)

A situationist-influenced critique of modern art by some UK radicals in the days of 1967 when, for many, revolution seemed to be getting close. Despite the occasional silly over-estimation of delinquency and shop-lifting, still a fine critique of its time of art and its limits.

The Occupation of Art and Gentrification

How an artistic presence was used to aid the gentrification of 1980s New York City.

The sound and the fury

John Arden

An article on the emerging youth culture in the late 1950s that expressed some disillusionment with society.

Action in Belgium against the international assembly of art critics

The text of a leaflet distributed by the Situationists at a gathering of art critics.

Pourquoi le lettrisme?

Debord and Wolman survey the wreckage of radical art movements.

Baj, Enrico, 1924-2003

The General by Enrico Baj

A biography of the Italian anarchist and painter Enrico Baj. Well known in Italy, he was finally beginning to become known in France as well though his name had never really been known in Britain.

Einstein, Carl, 1885-1940

Carl Einstein.

A short biography of German poet, writer, art historian and anarchist combatant in the Spanish Revolution, Carl Einstein. He commited suicide in 1940 to avoid Nazi persecution.