Fielden, Samuel, 1847-1922: autobiography

Samuel Fielden

Autobiography of Samuel Fielden, anarchist who was convicted after the Haymarket riot but escaped execution and was later pardoned.

Neebe, Oscar, 1850-1916: autobiography

Oscar Neebe

Autobiography of anarchist and Haymarket martyr Oscar Neebe, who avoided execution and was later pardoned.

Lingg, Louis, 1864-1887: autobiography

Louis Lingg

Autobiography of anarchist and Haymarket martyr Louis Lingg, who cheated the hangman's noose by killing himself before his execution date.

Schwab, Michael, 1853-1898: autobiography

Michael Schwab

Autobiography of anarchist and Haymarket martyr Michael Schwab, written from prison.

Spies, August, 1855-1887: autobiography

August Spies

Autobiography of August Spies, Haymarket martyr and anarchist, written from prison.

Fischer, Adolph, 1858-1887: autobiography

Adolph Fischer

Autobiography of Haymarket martyr and anarchist Adolph Fischer.

Parsons, Albert, 1848-1887: autobiography

Albert Parsons

The autobiography of Albert Parsons, Haymarket martyr, written from prison.

Autobiographies of the Haymarket martyrs

The full autobiographies of each of the Haymarket martyrs: eight Chicago anarchists who were sentenced to death and in whose memory we celebrate May Day, International Workers' Day. Originally written for the Knights of Labor journal.

Assata: An autobiography - Assata Shakur

PDF e-book of the autobiography of black revolutionary, Assata Shakur. We do not agree with all of her politics but reproduce this text for reference.

Tom Mann's memoirs

The personal memoirs of syndicalist Tom Mann. While we disagree with much of his politics, such as his support for the Stalinist Communist Party, we reproduce this text is an important addition to the history of the workers' movement in the UK.