Assata: An autobiography - Assata Shakur

PDF e-book of the autobiography of black revolutionary, Assata Shakur. We do not agree with all of her politics but reproduce this text for reference.

Tom Mann's memoirs

The personal memoirs of syndicalist Tom Mann. While we disagree with much of his politics, such as his support for the Stalinist Communist Party, we reproduce this text is an important addition to the history of the workers' movement in the UK.

Rivethead - Ben Hamper

Down and out memoirs of a line assembly worker for GM Motors over the 1980s. In amongst co-workers going postal in the local bar, drinking on the job and witnessing mental breakdowns, Hamper wrote the book during his shifts on the shop floor.

Factotum - Charles Bukowski

The only person to have made a writing career about yo-yoing in and out of employment, Bukowski accounts the conditions in 1944 having faced rejection from the draft. Although racist, incredibly misogynistic and generally prejudiced to anyone including himself, this is an honest look at the tedium of work.

A fan's notes - Frederick Exley

A struggling alcoholic teacher reminiscences about a life of mental hospitals, failed job interviews and the feeling of being out of step with the American dream.

The story of a proletarian life - Bartolomeo Vanzetti

A short autobiography by famous Italian-American anarchist Bartolomeo Vanzetti, half of Sacco and Vanzetti, who were framed and sent to the electric chair because of their beliefs in 1927.

Prison memoirs of an anarchist - Alexander Berkman

Alexander Berkman following his arrest

Autobiographical prison account of Russian émigré anarchist Alexander Berkman who was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for the attempted assassination of an industrialist who massacred striking workers.

Living my life - Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman's mugshot from an arrest in 1901

Anarchist, journalist, drama critic, advocate of birth control and free love, Emma Goldman was one of the most famous - and notorious - women in the early twentieth century. Against a dramatic backdrop of political argument, show trials, imprisonment, and tempestuous romances, Goldman chronicles the epoch that she helped shape: the reform movements of the Progressive Era, the early years of and later disillusionment with Lenin's Bolshevik experiment, and more.

I couldn't paint golden angels: Sixty years of commonplace life and anarchist agitation - Albert Meltzer

Autobiography of UK anarchist and print worker Albert Meltzer.

McGuckin, Henry - Memoirs of a Wobbly

An important contribution to the history of the Industrial Workers of the World. A superb account by a rank'n'file Wobbly organiser; on the road, on the job, on strike, in jail, on the run, coast to coast...