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Our comrade Alexey has passed away

On the morning of September 1st, 34-year-old anarchist Alexey ”Socrates” Sutuga died, due to severe head injuries, in the intensive care unit of the Sklifosovsky Institute. For more than a week, doctors fought for his life, but the injuries were too serious.

Moscow Autonomous Action on the Ukrainian war

This text was written as an answer to our foreign friends' questions about situation in the Eastern Ukraine and Russian anarchists' attitude towards that. We hope it will be of use to everybody interested in these matters.
The situation is complex and controversial and you should understand that the text below does not (and can't) reflect the opinion of all Russian anti-fascists and anti-capitalists. We discussed this within our group, but even here we have a couple of contradicting points of view.

A victory in Nizhni Novgorod of Russia - case against anti-fascists was returned to investigation

On 18th October, news service transmitted that judge Olga Koloverova refused to sentence the defendants in the so-called "Antifa-RASH" case in Nizhni Novgorod. The judge demanded that police re-investigate the case, in order to exclude contradictions, which are currently obvious.

Anarchist Alexey Sutuga was arrested and remanded in Moscow - help needed

Alexey Sutuga, anarchist, anti-fascist and the member of
"Autonomous Action" was arrested on Tuesday evening, April 17, in
Moscow. It happened during fundraising effort in
support of anti-fascists prisoners. It became aware almost after a day
after arrest that Alexey is now in the remand prison number two which
is also known as "Butyrka".

Nizhny Novgorod anti-fascists in need of support

Antifascist and anarchists in Russia are in need of support as several are facing trumped up charges from the police.

Anti-fascism in Russia: Notes of a co-conspirator

Ivan Khutorskoy

Personal recollections on fighting fascism in Russia, two years after the murder of Ivan Khutorskoy.

Disgruntled bosses are attacking anarchist hosting - again

Since 19th of July, Russian (shorthand for "Anarchist Hosting")
has been targeted with a DDoS - attack. Since then, numerous activist
s have been unaccessible - including Indymedia-Siberia and various
anarchist groups (Autonomous Action of Kazan, Autonomous Action of
Irkutsk, Inter-Professional Union of Workers etc.). Main goal of the
attackers is - website, committed to defence of workers
against employers. This project includes popular feature "black list of
employers", where workers are
reporting problematic employers.

Silent revolution in Belarus

The situation in Belarus is now getting closer to the one that was during the elections in December 2010 but now it seems to be more massive and popular.

Anarchists and the second Chechen war

Anarchists against war in Moscow, 5th of February 2000

Detailed article on the war in Chechnya and historical background in the northern Caucasus from an anarchist perspective by Autonomous Action.