Ba Jin

Ba Jin and the “Arshinov Platform”

Ba Jin.

A short article on the connection of the great Chinese novelist and anarchist Ba Jin with the Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists

The anarchist movement in Japan: the martyrs of Tokyo - Ba Jin

A short article originally written in 1930 for the French press by the Chinese anarchist Li Pei-Kan (more commonly known as Ba Jin in the English-speaking countries) passionately recounting the right wing terrorist campaign against anarchists, communists, socialists and Koreans in Japan in the wake of the great earthquake of 1923 and the subsequent response of some anarchists who sought to avenge the murders of their comrades.

A battle for life

In 1958 the Communist Party of China had been in power for nearly a decade. This article is an example of the propaganda radicals such as the anarchist Ba Jin had to write in order to remain free, although he did not escape denunciation during the Cultural Revolution launched 8 years later.

Nationalism and the road to happiness for the Chinese

This article by the Chinese anarchist writer Ba Jin was originally published in Awakening the People, No. 1, September 1921.

Ba Jin obituary, 1904-2005

Obituary in the Guardian of Chinese author and anarchist Ba Jin, on Tuesday October 18, 2005 by John Gittings

Ba Jin, 1904-2005

Ba Jin

A short biography of anarchist, author and "grand old man of Chinese literature", according to The Guardian, Ba Jin.