The March Intifada - Bahrain, 1965

The March Intifada in Bahrain, 1965 began with the laying off of hundreds of workers at the Bahrain Petroleum Company, school students protested, were suppressed by the military, and things developed into a general strike against British rule. Bahrain joined the UAE in 1968, and annual protests continued until 1972.

US commitment to human rights on display as staunch ally executes 47

Obama with Saudi ally King Salman

The US is implicated in the mass execution in Saudi Arabia more than the media likes to let on.

Labour Movements and Opposition Groups in Saudi Arabia: 1950-1975

An article about the growth of the Saudi Labour movement and additional radical opposition groups, focussing on two strikes at the ARAMCO oil company in 1953 and 1956.

Anarchist, Liberal and Authoritarian Enlightenments: Notes From the Arab Spring

Mohammed A. Bamyeh discusses the currents and contradictions within the revolutionary movements sweeping the Arab world, and their ultimate potential.

Chinese workers clash with police after bossnapping in Bahrain

Police attacked a group of Chinese migrant workers who had taken nine of their superiors hostage near a construction site in Zallaq, 25 km south of the capital Manama.

Strike of 5,000 construction workers in Bahrain comes to an end

A strike by more than 5,000 construction workers at the Bahraini unit of a UAE firm ended after the firm paid out part of the outstanding wages.

Bahrain oil workers win bonuses

BAPCO worker protesting in 2008.

BAPCO workers won their fight for a two-month annual bonus yesterday. The company increased its earlier offer of seven weeks pay, after union members rejected it at a secret ballot.

Bahrain bus drivers strike

More than 50 bus drivers from the Cars Transport Corporation were on strike in Bahrain yesterday for higher pay.

Bahrain: construction workers strike

After a successful 750-strong two-day strike, 1300 workers at another site have also downed tools.

Poultry strikers demand better working conditions

Over 40 workers at the Delmon Poultry Company in Bahrain staged a wildcat strike yesterday.