1818-2018 Bicentenary of Marx. Monde nouveau Interview with René Berthier.

Image of Karl Marx

Interview with the syndicalist René Berthier about Karl Marx, the Communist League and the First International.

Abraham Guillén, Between Bakunin and Marx: Anarchism, Socialism, and the Economics of Self-Management

Abraham Guillén

An introduction to the life and ideas of Abraham Guillén by Tommy Lawson of Red Black Notes.

Extracts from ‘Letter to Comrades of the Jura Federation’ - Mikhail Bakunin

In these extracts from a letter written in March of 1872, Bakunin criticises the nationalism of German socialists, including Marx and his followers, and particularly notions of favouring a State due to its supposedly 'progressive' or 'civilised' character. In doing so, he puts forward an anarchist analysis of the need for consistent internationalism and anti-imperialism, which is worth considering in light of 'Campist' forms of analysis finding renewed popularity in some circles.

Decline and Fall of the First International - Brian Morris

This text comes from the book "Bakunin: The Philosophy of Freedom" by Brian Morris, published by Black Rose (but we believe out of print). In this chapter Morris looks at the decline of the International and Bakunin's conflict with Marx.

From Black Flag #215 1998.

Bakunin's Conceptions of Revolutionary Organisations and Their Role: A Study of His 'Secret Societies' - Arthur Lehning

Mikhail Bakunin

An article by noted scholar of Bakunin, Arthur Lehning, on the Russian revolutionary's infamous 'secret societies' and their significance. From Essays in Honour of E. H. Carr (1974), edited by Chimen Abramsky and Beryl Williams.


RUSSIAN REVOLUTION CONGRESS | Athens, Greece, 12-14 April 2019 | LAW SCHOOL OF A

It is a pleasure to invite you to
Russian Revolution: Theoretical approaches and open questions conference.
The conference is organized by a committee of academics and activists and will take place in Athens, Greece, 12-14 April 2019 | LAW SCHOOL OF ATHENS

Abstentionism and anarchism


An article by Camillo Berneri arguing that electoral abstentionism should not be considered dogma by anarchists, written shortly after the victory of the Popular Front in the Spanish elections of February 1936. The translation does not imply endorsement.

The Rebel Chronicles #5: Sergei Nechayev

This episode of the radical history series focuses on Sergei Nechayev and his tumultuous friendship with Mikhail Bakunin. For more episodes, please go to:

Black Flag 236 (2014)

This issue of Black Flag, which came out after a hiatus in 2013 in which no magazine was produced at all, began a period of annual publishing. Among the key articles was a cover story reflecting on the sometimes difficult organising of that year's AFem 2014 conference, a prescient analysis of Osborne's failed austerity programme, and a still-relevant analysis of the ways in which protest policing have dovetailed with the slow course of justice to both deny campaigners their rights and leave people in legal limbo for years at a time.