On French Riots - John

Wednesday, 21 December 2005. This is a rough draft of a future article by John, originally taken from a "group of discussion" (mailing-list).

ballade en novembre, reloaded - R.S.

mercredi, 7 juin 2006

Paris riots: Information on immigrants and the suburbs, 2005

Ni patrie ni frontières give background information on migration and race in French society and in relation to the suburbs. Written in the aftermath of the Paris suburb riots of 2005.

What happened after the Paris suburb riots? 2005

Mouvement Communiste on the aftermath of the Paris suburban riots of 2005, the reaction of the right and resulting new government policies.

The recent violence in the French suburbs is difficult to integrate into the general class combat, 2005

Mouvement Communiste analyze their development and the reasons behind the suburb [1] riots in France in November 2005 and develop their position and critique from their communist perspective.

The anti-CPE struggle report - Theorie Communiste

28 March demonstration

We summarise a text by Theorie Communiste which focusses on the internal contradictions of the movement, how official representative organisations undermined grassroots initiative and puts the protests in context with the riots of suburban youth.

Severe Injury caused by rubber bullets in Paris.

On Saturday night a young man in Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) was hit in the eye by a rubber bullet fired by Police. He is currently in hospital, the doctors are currently unable to say if he will regain the sight in his eye.

Another night of violence in France leaves a woman in critical condition.

On Saturday night there was further violence, including an attack on a bus in Marseile that left a young woman in critical condition.