A Day In The Life

An anonymous middle class English woman writes about her experiences during a brief stay in prison after being arrested at a demonstration against US Secretary of State Alexander Haig's 1981 visit to Berlin.

An interesting article in the context of the counterculture of the time, though it is doubtful that this was representative of the experience of working class German prisoners then.

Originally appeared in Bar Fax.

Five Houses - Dora Schemme and Barbara Rosenberg

Jagowstrasse 12 Feb 1981

Profiles of five squatted houses in West Berlin in the early 1980s, including quotes from the female occupants.

Interviews by Dora Schemme and Barbara Rosenberg. Originally published in German feminist magazine Courage (#4 April 1981): "Frauen Besetzer Hausen"

Love & Rage Vol. 2 No. 4, April 1991

Vol 2, Issue 4 of Love & Rage, with articles on the Gulf War, letters, a report from an invasion of a Minneapolis TV station, a Queer Nation position paper setting out the "bash back" position, a hunger strike among women prisoners in Canada, the treatment of anarchist prisoner John Perotti, a beating in the Mansfield, Ohio control unit, the On Gogol Boulevard column with a report from an international syndicalist conference organised by the SAC, the Bulgarian Federation of Anarchistic Youth, a letter from the Berlin squats, Chris Day on building local anarchist groups, and notes of revolt with anti-gentrification resistance in New Orleans and more.

And One With No Answers - Udo Renkes

As part of our feature on squatting we had reserved space for an interview with the Berlin Police. However, our numerous attempts to get this interview were unsuccessful.

Originally appeared in Bar Fax, August 1981.

Interview With A Squatter - Frank Jackson

Interview with a participant in the West Berlin squatters' movement in the early 1980s.

Originally published in Bar Fax August 1981. Interview by Frank Jackson

Introduction - Frank Jackson

Introduction to Squatting in West Berlin, published by Hooligan Press in 1987.

A Short History Of The Berlin Squatting Movement December 1980 - July 1982 - Frank Jackson

squatters' demo Spring 1983

An overview of the militant squatters' movement in West Berlin in the early 1980s - and the state's attempts to clamp down on it.

Squatting In West Berlin - Hooligan Press


Pamphlet on the early 1980s militant squatting movement in West Berlin, published by Brixton-based Hooligan Press in 1987.

Take It – Nanette Funk

An article on squatting in Berlin in the early 1980s.

Originally published in Sylvere Lotringer (ed) - Semiotext(e): The German Issue (1982).

“The Future ls Female” - Joan Reutershan

Hexenhaus squat

An article on the feminist Hexenhaus (Witch House) squat in Berlin in 1981.

Originally published in Sylvere Lotringer (ed) - Semiotext(e): The German Issue (1982)