Bernard Lyon

Meeting - Revue Internationale pour la Communisation (2003–2008)

'Meeting' was a journal and website focused on communisation, whose driving-force was the French group 'Theorie Communiste' and its followers. One of the outcomes of the work of 'Meeting' was the emergence of the English-language group/journal 'Endnotes'. The texts contained here are mostly in French, with some in English, and, to the best of our knowledge, contain most, if not all, of their output.

Obamaniaco- dépressif (réflexions d’un…) – Bernard Lyon

November 2008 article by Bernard Lyon on the election of Barack Obama.

Silence sur Gaza… – Bernard Lyon

samedi, 10 janvier 2009

We are not "anti" - Bernard Lyon

Translation of 'Nous ne sommes pas Anti', a 2005 text by Bernard Lyon of the French group Théorie Communiste.

The suspended step of communisation: communisation vs socialisation - Theorie Communiste

2009 text by Theorie Communiste outlining what they think the process of communisation would look like. There is also a part 2, 'Communisation vs Spheres', linked below.

Intervention and the communising current - Bernard Lyon

Bernard Lyon on the role played by communisation theorists in the process of communisation, posted on the 'Meeting' website on Monday 21st July 2008.