Best of the worst

Militant on the Falklands War, 1982

Extract from an article by Militant (now the Socialist Party) demonstrating their support for Britain in the Falklands War.

Class War "bashing the rich"

A quite disgusting extract from Class War's book "a decade of disorder" showing a punk punching a man in the face with a condom filled with faeces seemingly for the crime of wearing a suit.

2011 addition: it turns out that these photos were actually taken as a joke by the band Chumbawamba to see if Class War would actually publish them as something good - they did.

Anti-semitism in Adbusters, 2004

A quite appalling article from Adbusters magazine entitled "Why won't anyone say they are Jewish?" listing 50 influential neoconservatives and highlighting Jews in the list with black dots - well, at least they don't use yellow stars.

The Socialist Workers Party on the Iran-Iraq war, 1987

Support: Ayatollah Khomeini

Brief extracts from Socialist Worker, which illustrate the SWP's support for Iran during the Iran-Iraq war.

The distraction of class, 2002 - AYN discussion

An article written by one member of the Anarchist Youth Network in its more lifestylist wing. It is reproduced here as a useful example of the attitudes of this individualist trend in the organisation against class analysis, with a response to it.

American defeat: an anti-state communist perspective on the war in Iraq, 2003 - Kevin Keating

Keating's analysis of the US-UK war in Iraq, which we disagree with and which contains numerous flaws, including casual anti-semitism. We reproduce it for reference only.

Paedophilia and American anarchism - the other side of Hakim Bey

An article about the paedophilia of lifestylist, mystic, individualist "anarchist" Hakim Bey, aka Peter Lamborn Wilson

Harbinger #5 - CrimethInc.

Issue 5 of CrimethInc.'s newspaper Harbinger. The article Déclassé War on page 5 lays out the basis of their politics in drop-out culture, and their utterly flawed idea of dropping out as revolutionary strategy.

"Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness" - washing... and brainwashing - CrimethInc.

A quite ridiculous article by lifestylist American anarchist group CrimethInc., with a tirade against personal hygiene followed by "Eight Reasons Why Capitalists Want to Sell You Deodorant."

So as not to die stupid... AIDS

A quite hysterical article by the ICG containing numerous factual inaccuracies in which they attempt to claim that HIV was engineered by some business or government agency. Amongst the numerous errors and falsehoods is repeated reference to the "Aids virus," when in fact there is no such thing. Aids is a set of symptoms caused by the virus, HIV. We reproduce the article for interest only.