Beverly Silver

Class struggle frontiers in Hinterland

Hinterland cover

Comrade Motopu provides an overview of Phil Neel’s book and attempts to place it in the ongoing debates over the centrality of labor movements vs. surplus populations and riots vs. strikes.

Forces of labor - Beverly J Silver

Militant: UK auto workers on strike

Recasting labor studies in a long-term and global framework, the book draws on a major new database on world labor unrest to show how local labor movements have been related to world-scale political, economic, and social processes since the late nineteenth century.

Still Working: Book Reviews

Processed World reviews Modern times, ancient hours by Pietro Basso, Forces of Labour by Beverly Silver and The trouble with music by Mat Callahan.

Aufheben review of Beverley Silver's Forces of labor

Libertarian Marxist magazine Aufheben reviews Beverly Silver's 2003 study of workers' movements in key industries Forces of labour: Workers' movements and globalisation since 1870.

Silver Debate: Worker's Power and Operaism

The following article asks what will come out of Operaism. It asks on the basis of the current debates around the subject and on the theses of Beverly J. Silver in her book "Forces of Labor".

1930-present: Labour unrest and the successive geographical restructuring of the world automobile industry - Beverly Silver

Militant: Flint strikers occupation, 1937

Beverly Silver traces the growth of workers power in the auto industry and the resultant outsourcing of industry to lower wage areas of the globe, where workers organised again and fought for better conditions, effectively spreading a militant workers' movement across the globe.

Interview with Beverly J. Silver

Text of an interview with Beverly Silver about her book, Forces of Labor.

Wildcat Preface: Beverly Silver, ‘Forces of Labor’

Beverly Silver

Wildcat Germany explain why they translated Beverly Silver’s book ‘Forces of Labor’, which traces workers struggles since the 1860s.