Edetkin, David Chaim aka Skitalets (The Wanderer) (1892/3- after 1934)

A short biography of David Edetkin, active in the Russian anarchist underground

Makaryants, Vladimir Abramovitch (1909-1938)

Tobolsk Prison

A short biography of the anarchist Vladimir Makaryants , murdered by the Soviet regime.

Mantovani, Mario (1897-1977) aka Lucio Adorni aka Mario Ferrarini aka Lucio Adali

Mantovani third from left

A short biography of Mario Mantovani, veteran Italian anarchist

Pajaud, Séraphine (1858- after 1934)

Pajaud with St Junien anarchists

A short biography of Séraphine Pajaud, French anarchist and champion of atheism, anti-militarism and women's liberation

James Allman: symbol of the fighting spirit of the Socialist League

A short account of the activity of James Allman in the Socialist League

Morain, Pierre 1930-2013

Morain coming out of prison

A short biography of Pierre Morain, the first French militant to be imprisoned in the struggle against colonialism in Algeria

Corkwell, Fred, 1866-1891

An obituary of the Leeds anarchist Fred Corkwell by George Cores

Recchioni, Emidio (1864-1934) aka Nemo, Rastignac, Savarin

Recchioni with Vera and Vero

A short biography of the Italian anarchist Emidio Recchioni, father of Vernon Richards

Engel, George, 1836-1887: autobiography

George Engel

Autobiography of anarchist and Haymarket martyr, George Engel.

Fielden, Samuel, 1847-1922: autobiography

Samuel Fielden

Autobiography of Samuel Fielden, anarchist who was convicted after the Haymarket riot but escaped execution and was later pardoned.