Tresca, Carlo: portrait of a rebel

Arriving in America in 1904, Carlo Tresca began a nearly forty-year stretch as an active revolutionary. Nunzio Pernicone's definitive biography chronicles Tresca's larger-than-life personality, his revolutionary apprenticeship in Sulmona, Italy, and his subsequent career as fighter for liberty until his untimely death in 1943. The story of his life - as newspaper editor, labor agitator, anarchist, anti-communist, street fighter, and opponent of fascism - illuminates the lost world of Italian-American radicalism.

Among friends and comrades Tresca counted revolutionary luminaries such as Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, "Big Bill" Haywood, Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, and countless sovversivi.

Garcia, Miguel's story

The fascinating memoirs of Spanish anarchist, former newspaper boy, civil war and resistance fighter, Miguel Garcia Garcia. Published as Miguel Garcia's story in 1982, this pamphlet includes comments and tributes from Stuart Christie, Albert Meltzer and more.

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Acharya, M.P.T (1887-1951)

MPT Acharya

A short biography of Indian anarchist MPT Acharya

From Nationalism and Bolshevism to Anarchism

“Acharya….is the most salient figure among the Indian libertarians. He was above all a very informed connoisseur of Western socialist theories. “ Victor Garcia

Monatte, Pierre - Laín Díez

A short biographical sketch of the French anarchosyndicalist organizer and author, Pierre Monatte, by the Chilean council communist, Laín Díez.

Pierre Monatte – Laín Díez

Dryhurst, Nannie Florence, 1856-1930

Nannie Dryhurst

A short biography of anarchist Nannie Dryhurst, active in the Freedom group.

“I cannot but recall with feelings of deep gratitude how Mrs Dryhurst, during those years, would in spite of her middle-class education and upbringing, cordially interest herself in and render help to every comrade of the most down-trodden class who was fortunate enough to come in contact with her” (William Wess)

Mühsam, Erich: His life, his work, his martyrdom - Augustin Souchy

Erich Mühsam

A biography of the German anarchist and poet Erich Mühsam, written by his friend Augustin Souchy shortly after Mühsam was murdered by the Nazis in 1934, including a brief but fascinating account of Mühsam’s role in the Bavarian Council Revolution in 1919 and featuring quotations from Mühsam evincing his sympathy for anarchosyndicalism and his advocacy of the Council system.

The German Social Background

Less highly developed than it was in other countries, anarchism in Germany has produced only a handful of combatants and thinkers. Social democratic state-worship overwhelmed all libertarian thought; its representatives were not fighters; they preferred to describe the struggles that others were fighting.

Tresca, Carlo, 1879-1943

Short biography of the Italian-American anarchist Carlo Tresca, written by Nunzio Pernicone.

For three decades Tresca was a free-lance revolutionary paladin among Italian radicals in the United States. His political views had taken shape in his native Abruzzi, where he embraced socialism with the fiery militancy that characterized his entire career.

Cortez, Carlos, 1923-2005

An obitatury for long-time IWW member and artist Carlos Cortez.

“When you do a painting that’s it, it’s one of a kind. But when you do a graphic the amount of prints you can make from it is infinite. I made a provision in my estate, for whoever will take care of my blocks, that if any of my graphic works are selling for high prices immediate copies should be made to keep the price down.
--Carlos Cortez

Leech, Frank (1900-1953)

Frank Leech

A short biography of Frank Leech, anarchist active in Glasgow for more than 30 years

We who knew him personally realised that his breezy manner and sunny smile came from his generous heart, and were not assumed to cover any distasteful thoughts or actions” - Fred Ogden, Stockport anarchist

Windhoff, Carl (1872-1941)

Windhoff (front right) International Syndicalist Congress 1913

A short biography of Carl Windhoff, German anarchist, FAUD organiser and tiler

Carl Windhoff was born on 9th November 1872 in Düsseldorf. He became interests in radical ideas at the age of fourteen and gravitated towards the workers’ movement controlled by the Social Democrats. He joined the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) in 1890.