Galleaini, Luigi: a fragment of his life

A biography of part of Luigi Galleani's life.

If an Anarchist movement exists today among the Italian immigrants and if such a movement has suffered practically no desertions as a consequence of the Bolshevik incarnation of Socialism, it is due to a large extent to the teachings and example of Luigi Galleani.

Winn, Ross: digging up a Tennessee anarchist

A book written by Nutmeg Brown and Ally Greenside about Southern anarchist Ross Winn.

Grace, Albert c.1912-1968

Albert Grace

A short biography of anarchist docker and electrician Albert Grace

Albert Grace was born on the south side of the Thames in London and at an early age became a docker, working mainly in and around the cold stores. He entered the anarchist movement in the late 1920s working with Mat Kavanagh and with Wilf McCartney in the unemployed movement. Later on he worked with the young Albert Meltzer in support of the Spanish anarchist movement from 1936.

Gheorghiu, Stefan, 1879-1914

A short biography of writer and revolutionary syndicalist from Romania, Stefan Gheorghiu.

89 years ago, on the 19th of March 1914, at the Filaret hospital in Bucharest, the writer and revolutionary unionist Stefan Gheorgiu died at the age of 35.

”The bad things we suffer from, will not be removed by those above us, but by our will, strength and determination”– Stefan Gheorghiu. </blockquote>

Parris, Touzeau, 1839-1907

A short biography of Touzeau Parris, secularist and anarchist, active in the Socialist league

Thomas Collins Touzeau Parris, usually known throughout his life as Touzeau Parris, was born in Honiton, Devon. He attended Bristol Grammar School and Bristol Baptist College. He became a Unitarian minister and chaplain for Samuel Courtauld, the mill owner. He helped his father sell books in Bristol.

Lahr, Johanna, 1867-1904

A short biography of Johanna Lahr, anarchist active in the Socialist League

"The journeymen bakers of London are at last making themselves heard, being urged on by the lessons taught by the skilled and unskilled Labour Strike of the dockers, and the sweated tailors in the East End, which showed what can be done if workers are united and you toil and suffer such lives under these wretched conditions for yourselves and your families, or your masters?

Winn, Ross, 1871-1912

A short biography of southern anarchist Ross Winn as told by Emma Goldman.

Born in Texas forty-one years ago, of farmer parents, young Winn was expected to follow the path of his fathers. But the boy had other dreams, dreams extending far beyond his immediates. His were dreams of the world, of humanity, of the struggle for liberty.

Cole, Clara Gilbert, 1868-1956

Sylvia Pankhurst by Herbert Cole

A short biography of Clara Gilbert Cole,anti-militarist and anarchist

"Clara Gilbert, with her unusual slender loveliness, her deft fingers and vivid imagination, was like a caged bird in the post office.The Home Front, Sylvia Pankhurst

" A remarkable, sincere and much loved woman". John Hewetson

McAra, John, c.1870-1915

News report of Mcara's arrest after public speech at Customs House, Belfast 1908

A short biography of John McAra, Scottish anarchist orator.

John McAra was the most persistent outdoor speaker in the Anarchist movement in Scotland, and as a literature seller had no equal.” Obituary in Freedom, 1915.

Garrett, George, 1896-1966

George Garrett (third from left)

A short account of George Garrett, Liverpool Wobbly and working class writer.

Famous first words of any portfolio hugger:‘our country is in a jam: YOU must tighten your belts’”. George Garrett, from Liverpool 1921-1922. “He is a biggish hefty chap of about 36, Liverpool-Irish, brought up a Catholic but now a Communist. He says he has had about nine month's work in (I think) the last 6 years. He went to sea as a lad and was at sea about 10 years, then worked as a docker.