Neebe, Oscar, 1850-1916: autobiography

Oscar Neebe

Autobiography of anarchist and Haymarket martyr Oscar Neebe, who avoided execution and was later pardoned.

Lingg, Louis, 1864-1887: autobiography

Louis Lingg

Autobiography of anarchist and Haymarket martyr Louis Lingg, who cheated the hangman's noose by killing himself before his execution date.

Schwab, Michael, 1853-1898: autobiography

Michael Schwab

Autobiography of anarchist and Haymarket martyr Michael Schwab, written from prison.

Spies, August, 1855-1887: autobiography

August Spies

Autobiography of August Spies, Haymarket martyr and anarchist, written from prison.

Fischer, Adolph, 1858-1887: autobiography

Adolph Fischer

Autobiography of Haymarket martyr and anarchist Adolph Fischer.

Parsons, Albert, 1848-1887: autobiography

Albert Parsons

The autobiography of Albert Parsons, Haymarket martyr, written from prison.

José Pellicer – Miguel Amorós

A biographical sketch of the martyred Spanish anarchist and co-founder of the Iron Column, José Pellicer, by Miguel Amorós.

Jean Paul Marat: A Historico-Biographical Sketch - Ernest Belfort Bax

Ernest Belfort Bax's 1882 biography of Biographical Sketch of Jean Paul Marat, A leader of the French Revolution.

Hodgson, Keith, 1962-2013

An obituary for Liverpool-based anarchist and antifascist Keith Hodgson, who sadly died on 23 February 2013.

Corio, Silvio (1875-1954) aka Crastinus, Qualunque

A short biography of Italian anarchist Silvio Corio, active in London