Charles, Fred, c1860-c1934

A biography of early British anarchist Fred Charles who was accused in the Walsall Anarchist frame-up.

Choongo, Wilstar 1964-1999


A short biography of key Zambian anarchist organiser and librarian Wilstar Choongo.

Comfort, Alex, 1920-2000

Alex Comfort

A short biography of British doctor, anarchist and author of the Joy of Sex, Alex Comfort.

Cordoba, Antonio Zapata, 1908-2000

Antonio Zapata Cordoba

A short biography of construction worker, anarchist and Spanish Civil War fighter Antonio Zapata Cordoba.

Diez, Francisco Denis 'Catala', 1898-1949

Francisco Denis Diez 'Catala'

Brief biographical information about Spanish anarchist and anti-Franco guerrilla movement fighter Francisco Denis Diez, or 'Catala'.

Dolgoff, Sam, 1902-1990

An obituary and short biography of Russian-American labour organiser and anarcho-syndicalist Sam Dolgoff.

Durou, Gilles, 1954-2003

Gilles Durou

A short biography of French libertarian communist Gilles Durou.

Edelstadt, David, 1866-1892

A short biography of Russian-Jewish anarchist and editor David Edelstadt.

Einstein, Carl, 1885-1940

Carl Einstein.

A short biography of German poet, writer, art historian and anarchist combatant in the Spanish Revolution, Carl Einstein. He commited suicide in 1940 to avoid Nazi persecution.

Fabbri, Luce, 1908-2000

Luce Fabbri

A biography of, Luce Fabbri, an Italian anarchist who joined her father in exile in Uruguay and played a key part in both country's movements until her death.