Guillen, Manuel Lozano, 1904-1945

Manuel Lozano Guillen

A short biography of Spanish anarcho-syndicalist militant Manuel Lozano Guillen, who was executed by General Franco's government in 1945.

Henry, Emile, 1872-1894

Emile Henry

A short biography of French anarchist and protagonist of 'propaganda by deed', Emile Henry.

Hoy, Senna, 1882-1914

Senna Hoy

A short biography of German Jewish anarchist and gay liberationist Senna Hoy.

Jelinek, Wilhelm 'Willi', 1889-1952

Willi Jelinek

Biographical information about Willi Jelinek, and information about the anarchist movement in post-war East Germany under Russian occupation.

Jiménez, José Ruiz, 1906-2002


Biographical information about Spanish anarcho-syndicalist José Ruiz Jiménez.

Khanifar, Gerard Ali, 1950-1997

A short biography of French anarchist and Michelin worker Gerard Ali Khanifar.

Kitz, Frank, 1849-1923

A short biography of British anarchist and dyer Frank Kitz who was active in London in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.