Feldman, Leah, 1899-1993

Leah Feldman

A biography of Polish-born anarchist Leah Feldman, nicknamed the "Makhnovist Granny" who tirelessly devoted her life for the cause of working class emancipation.

Fletcher, Ben, 1890-1949

A short sketch of life on the Philadelphia ports of black IWW member and dock worker, Ben Fletcher.

Foulser, George, 1920-1975

George Foulser on the cover of his book

A short biography of British anarchist seaman and occasional writer, George Foulser.

Frager, Jack, 1903-1998

Jack Frager

A short biography of Ukrainian anarchist and labour activist Jack Frager.

Franteschini, Boris, 1914-1986

Boris Franteschini

A short biography of Italian anarchist active in Australia, Boris Franteschini.

Garcia, Benigno Andrade, 1908-1952

Benigno Andrade Garcia

A short biography of Spanish anarchist locksmith and guerrilla resistance fighter Benigno Andrade Garcia.

Grigoriev, Georgi, 1906-1996

A short biography of veteran Bulgarian anarchist-communist militant, Georgi Grigoriev.

Guigui-Theral, Albert, 1903-1982 alias Varlin

A short biography of Algerian anarchist, mechanic and French Resistance fighter Albert Guigui-Theral.

Guillen, Manuel Lozano, 1904-1945

Manuel Lozano Guillen

A short biography of Spanish anarcho-syndicalist militant Manuel Lozano Guillen, who was executed by General Franco's government in 1945.

Henry, Emile, 1872-1894

Emile Henry

A short biography of French anarchist and protagonist of 'propaganda by deed', Emile Henry.