Bob Potter

Anarchist Black Dragon: Volume 1, Issue 2, September 1978

Issue 2 of Anarchist Black Dragon, featuring various articles including an update on Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin being placed in a "control unit", Bob Potter on anarchists, freedom and parties, a reprint of a critique of Frelimo in Mozambique from Zero, and more.

‘A world to win…’ – Solidarity

A leaflet distributed by Solidarity at a May Day demonstration in London, probably in the early 1960s (perhaps 1961) advertising one of their meetings and promoting socialism from below as opposed to the statist socialism of the Labour Party or the USSR.

The rape of Vietnam - Bob Potter

Anti-Vietnam war pamphlet published as pamphlet 25 by Solidarity June-July 1967, which was quite unique in the time in that it also criticised the North Vietnamese bureaucratic regime. It was later added to and superseded by the lengthier pamphlet, Vietnam: whose victory?.

Busmen, what next? - Solidarity

Solidarity pamphlet 16, published 21 January, 1964 and written mostly by London bus workers. It looks at the life of the workers, past struggles, the present situation and makes suggestions on how to organise for the future.

An account of my involvement with Solidarity - Bob Potter

Bob Potter in Berlin, August 1951

Bob Potter's previously unpublished 2004 recollections of his involvement in the libertarian socialist group Solidarity in the 1960s and 70s and some of its key figures like Ken Weller and Chris and Jeanne Pallis.

Thoughts on bureaucracy - Bob Potter

Paris 68 anti-bureaucracy poster

Bob Potter of Solidarity critiques bureaucratic state socialism in 1963.

Vietnam: whose victory? - Bob Potter

Vietnam : whose victory ?

Solidarity (London) pamphlet about the origins and meaning of the Vietnam War.

History & revolution: Solidarity Discussion Bulletin 1 - Bob Potter and Maurice Brinton

History & revolution - Solidarity Discussion Bulletin 1

Bob Potter, a former member of Solidarity criticizes the Solidarity pamphlet 'History and Revolution' by 'Paul Cardan', and Cardan's treatment of Marx. Maurice Brinton responds.

Greek tragedy: the failure of the left - Bob Potter

Solidarity pamphlet 29 by Bob Potter from 1968 on the current lack of resistance to the military dictatorship, its historical roots and the previous failures of the Greek left during the civil war, World War II and before.

Busmen in action - Solidarity

A scab bus during the 1964 strike

This pamphlet is about the Glasgow bus strike of April 1964. It tries to draw some lessons which may be of value to other busmen and perhaps even to other sections of workers. When union officials openly scab on their members as they did in Glasgow, far-sighted workers should ask themselves why.