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Subversion reviews of Collectivities publications

Subversion reviews of "A Ballad Against Work" and "Reflections on Marx's Critique of Political Economy".

Oppositions: some anarchist writings of Ida Mett [Book review]

We like it when people send us interesting things they've just published. Steimer Press have just published a pamplet devoted to Ida Mett.

Book Reviews - Black Flag #223 (2003)

Book reviews from Black Flag #223 (2003).

Book Review: 'We Move Together'

A review of a book for younger readers on the topic of disability.

Book Review: ‘Salvador Puig Antich’

A book review of an anthology of writings about the Catalan Anarchist Salvador Puig Antich.

Review: Evolution and Environment by Peter Kropotkin

Book review from Black Flag #219 (2000).

More Reviews

Shorter reviews from Black Flag #219 (2000) including a James Bond film, The Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War by Robert Alexander and books by Marge Piercy and Donald Rooum.