Sussex university technical staff strike, 10th October 2008

Technical staff at the University of Sussex went on strike last Friday (10th October), in a protest against management plans to close its pension scheme to new employees.

Commentary on the Sussex not for Sale campaign at Sussex University

ENS mass meeting at Sussex university, 2008

Critical article on the 2008 Sussex Not For Sale campaign at the University of Sussex, written by an active member of the campaign.

Higher education is going through significant transformations on an international, or at least European, level. The UK is not immune to these changes. Whilst there have been various small protests in places around the country to resist these changes, no major local campaign has existed as of yet. Sussex not 4 Sale was born out of this context.

Sussex not for Sale rally, University of Sussex, 7th March 2008

Rally at the University of Sussex in support of the Sussex not for Sale campaign on March 7th 2008. Photos from here.

Victory for Brighton bin wildcat

After two days on wildcat strike, refuse workers at Brighton's Hollingdean Depot have won their fight against management bullying.

The striking bin staff had been complaining about management bullying after staff refused to double their workload due to lack of vehicles and under-staffing. As part of what workers called management's "bully tactics", four refuse workers had been moved onto different crews sparking anger amongst the depot and leading to the wildcat action.

Brighton refuse workers on wildcat strike

200 refuse and recycling workers from Brighton and Hove City Council walked out today over management bullying.

Staff at the Hollingdean Depot downed tools on Wednesday morning in retaliation to having tightly-knit crews broken up by managers. Four men have reportedly been moved from one lorry to another as management try to address the problem. Another worker said his cousin, who also works at the depot, had been "punished" for having time off sick by being put onto another shift.

Brighton Solidarity issue 1

Issue 1 of Brighton Solidarity Federation Newsletter Brighton Solidarity

Articles on privatisation, France in revolt and a local round-up.

Theory and practice: recent struggles in Brighton

The long-sought unity of theory and practice?

Members of Aufheben reflect on 15 years of involvement in struggles in Brighton and the influence it has had on their theory and practice.

Theoretical criticism and practical overthrow fifteen years on: A reflection

Theoretical criticism and practical overthrow are...inseparable activities, not in any abstract sense but as a concrete and real alteration of the concrete and real world of bourgeois society. (Karl Korsch; as cited in Aufheben inaugural editorial, Autumn, 1992)

Brighton and Hove bus named after Kropotkin

Bus 650 - Scania Omnidekka carried name since March 2005 on Metro 49.

Postal strike: picket line interview

The first national postal strike in 11 years happened on Friday 29 June (2007) with a 24-hour stoppage. caught up with some pickets on the line in Brighton.

What are the issues behind this strike?

Sussex students library occupation

80 students at the University of Sussex have occupied their library in protest against the commodification of education and its provision at their university.

Since 9:30pm this evening, 80 students from the University of Sussex have occupied their library in support of the SortUSOut campaign, a campus wide campaign for better provision of welfare and education at the University of Sussex. Our focus is on local problems directly damaging the education of students at Sussex but also the wider issues around the commodification of higher education.