What happened in Brighton? - N24 student walkout

A breakaway group on Black Lion street, having escaped the Town Hall kettle

The following aims to provide some basic materials for people who were involved or interested in the events of N24 (during the student movement in Britain winter 2010-11), to think about what happened there and what it means for them – and for next time. It’s based on numerous personal accounts, collated into a punch-by-punch narrative.

Anarchism and syndicalism in Brighton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Dr William King - founder of 'The Cooperator' magazine

A short account of anarchism and syndicalism in Brighton in the 1890s-1910s.

Student radicals: An incomplete history of protest at the University of Sussex, 1971-75

Ed Goddard of presents the history of student radicalism at the University of Sussex in the early 1970s, with stories of rent strikes, occupations and exam boycotts against university management.

TrotskiLeaks: How not to engineer a sectarian split

An email exchange between members of the SWP and others in the Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition (BSCC), where an SWP activist accidentally 'reply alls' whilst planning a sectarian split on the pretext of the outcome of an unrelated conference of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN).

From mobilisation to 'massification'

A text produced during the successful 8-day occupation at Sussex University in March 2010.

Higher education cuts: Sussex University on the front line

An article on the situation in higher education generally and at Sussex University in particular.

PCS picket line interview

Over a quarter of a million workers in the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) have been out on strike this week, with further walkouts expected. Brighton SolFed caught up with a picket in Brighton to find out more about the dispute.

Sussex students occupy in defiance of High Court injunction

Following a large demonstration against the suspension of the Sussex 6, hundreds of students have staged a snap occupation in defiance of management and the state, following the granting of a High Court injunction banning ‘occupational protest.’

Should Brighton vote Green?

With Caroline Lucas set to stand in Brighton this May [2010], many workers tired with the Labour-Tory status quo may be tempted. But is voting the path to change?

University of Sussex occupied against cuts

106 students occupying the top floor of Bramber House, Sussex University

Over 100 students have occupied a conference centre at the University of Sussex in Brighton against proposed course cuts and job losses.