The JSA and the dole workers strike

Brighton Autonomists' letter, critical of an article from Subversion #18. From Subversion #20 (1996)

Anti-militarism: an anarcho-syndicalist perspective

A discussion document from the Brighton Class Struggle Forum 18/08/09.

Brighton arms factory 'decommissioned' in Gaza protest

Broken windows at the EDO/ITT factory, where computers and filing cabinets were flung from the first floor

9 people have gained entry to the ITT/EDO MBM arms factory in Brighton, where they are believed to have caused extensive damage to the offices, and to industrial tooling used to make arms.

Brighton anti-war protests, 2002-3

Images from the anti-war protests in Brighton leading up to and following the outbreak of the Iraq war. Many of these events are recollected and analysed here.

More wildcats at Brighton bin depot

Bin workers in Brighton staged a wildcat walkout yesterday and have threatened strikes in the new year in protest of new rounds and redundancies.

Sussex university technical staff strike, 10th October 2008

Technical staff at the University of Sussex went on strike last Friday (10th October), in a protest against management plans to close its pension scheme to new employees.

Commentary on the Sussex not for Sale campaign at Sussex University

ENS mass meeting at Sussex university, 2008

Critical article on the 2008 Sussex Not For Sale campaign at the University of Sussex, written by an active member of the campaign.

Sussex not for Sale rally, University of Sussex, 7th March 2008

Rally at the University of Sussex in support of the Sussex not for Sale campaign on March 7th 2008. Photos from here.

Victory for Brighton bin wildcat

After two days on wildcat strike, refuse workers at Brighton's Hollingdean Depot have won their fight against management bullying.

Brighton refuse workers on wildcat strike

200 refuse and recycling workers from Brighton and Hove City Council walked out today over management bullying.