Racial discrimination in employment? The Bristol bus boycott of 1963

Some of the leaders of the boycott

A student dissertation with lots of information about the 1963 boycott of Bristol's buses against the ban on recruiting workers of colour enforced by the TGWU union and the state-owned Bristol Omnibus Company.

Black and white on the buses: the 1963 colour bar dispute in Bristol

Bristol bus boycott demonstration

A detailed pamphlet by Madge Dresser on the Bristol bus boycott, when a mass campaign defeated the TGWU union's bar on black and Asian people working in bus crews.

The time suffragette Theresa Garnett horsewhipped Winston Churchill

Theresa Garnett in 1909

A short account of suffragette Theresa Garnett attacking then-Home Secretary Winston Churchill with a horsewhip in 1909, written by Anny Cullum.

Red and black on both sides: interview with radical hip-hop duo QELD

Interview with Bristol radical hip-hop duo, QELD, discussing their new album, the European militant rap scene and Westbury-on-Trym.

Sources and the police raid on Bristol Indymedia

The Indymedia network has reported today that its Bristol site is no more, after police forced access to its users' IP records as part of a search for the individual or group behind a string of politicised arsons in the area.

Street parties greet news of Thatcher's death

Street parties greet news of Thatcher's death

Hundreds gather in spontaneous celebrations in London, Glasgow and Bristol on the day former Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's death was announced.

1831 and all that…

A look at the the 1831 Queens Square riots, Bristol that challenges some common misconceptions. Originally published in Mute Magazine by the Bristol Radical History Group.

St Pauls uprising, Bristol 1980

An article on the 1980 uprising in St. Pauls, Bristol and the music scene which flourished there after with excerpts from contemporary literature.

St. Pauls, Bristol 1980

getting burnt? burn them back!

An unfinished text, written in 2006 (originally entitled "1981 & All That"), intended to be about the riots of 1981, but only the bit about the uprising in the St.Paul's district of Bristol was completed. For obvious reasons, I've decided to put this now in the library.
The introduction gives a flavour of the pessimistic feel of 5 years ago. The last 5 or 6 months since Millbank has changed that, but there's still a long way to go (and a fairly short time to do it) for the new social movements to re-learn the strengths and weaknesses of past movements in order to go beyond them - and this time without a significantly "definitive" defeat and retreat.

More Royal mail strikes in Bristol

Bristol postal strikers

Postal workers in Bristol were on strike today over a local dispute around sick pay arrangements.