Bruno Astarian

The Disappointed of 1968: Seeking Refuge in Utopia

The communisers do not have a strategy for exiting capitalist society. The real and difficult problems of class consciousness, political organisation, bourgeois power and a period of transition are simply brushed aside as non-problems. What this represents is disillusionment and a cry of despair.

Everything must go!: The abolition of value - Bruno Astarian and Gilles Dauvé

This book is about a revolution (i.e. a historical break, not gradual peaceful evolution) that creates communism – not its preconditions.

A few clarifications on anti-work - Bruno Astarian

A historical perspective by Bruno Astarian on anti-work and its current expression in proletarian struggles. Translated by 'Ediciones Inéditos'.

Value and its abolition - Bruno Astarian

The attached text is an abridged translation of 'L'abolition de la valeur', to be published in 2016 by Editions Entremonde, Genève. The text has been published in the US as part of a book by Bruno Astarian and Gilles Dauvé: Everything must go - the abolition of value, Ardent Press, January 2016.

Are slums another planet? - Bruno Astarian

Bangladesh slum dweller fights back 2013

Bruno Astarian critiques the ideology that reduce slum dwellers to passive victims -- becoming "surplus populations" -- and rejects the flawed reasoning that says they can't be part of the proletariat, nor become conscious. Astarian shows how insurgent workers in slums are fully engaged in some of the most inspiring examples of class struggle today.

Where is Theorie Communiste heading? - Bruno Astarian

Bruno Astarian responds to Theorie Communiste's text "It is in the present tense that communisation must be talked of", which was in turn he critique of Astarian's paper "Communisation as the way out of the crisis".

The French strikes of May-June 1968 - Bruno Astarian

A demystifying review essay and analysis summarizing the events of May-June 1968 in France with an almost exclusive focus on the strikes of the workers, based on reports and testimonies garnered from a voluminous bibliography, providing a sobering reassessment of the largest nationwide strike in French history, which the author defines as a “generalized non-insurrectional work stoppage”.

Communization As a Way Out of the Crisis - Bruno Astarian

In this short essay written in 2009, Bruno Astarian defines “communization” as the direct establishment of communism, and denies the need for a “transitional” regime: first, he says, the proletariat will launch insurrectionary expropriations “to assure its own survival” in response to the crisis; then after the crisis has been overcome by the free distribution of stored goods, production will resume in the form of “production without productivity” (without accounting) and “consumption without necessity” (without the fear of scarcity or poverty), in a new society where “free distribution … breaks with all separations” in the form of “a single unified free activity”.

Crisis theory/theories: a discussion - Bruno Astarian

Bruno Astarian dissects Theorie Communiste's text 'Crisis Theory/Theories'.

Crisis activity and communisation - Bruno Astarian

Through the lens of recent struggles in Greece and Bangladesh, Bruno Astarian examines what distinguishes proletarian activity in times of insurrection from that of everyday class struggle, how this could lead to a process of communisation, and what such a process might involve.