You are not Durruti, but we are uncontrollable: beyond a critique of non-violence

Critical reflections in late 2011 on Occupy Oakland and the debate around non-violence and a critique of the Left.

California cops clamp down on Disneyland dissent

Broad sections of the Anaheim working class are seething with anger at cops

An update from Adam Ford on the dissent - and repression - following the fatal shooting of 25 year-old Manuel Diaz by police, in Anaheim, California.

The ruling classroom

Whilst Ron Jones' The Third Wave has received a lot of attention and been dramatised, George Muldoon's experiments in capitalist democracy involving two groups of seventh graders in Mill Valley, California have seemingly slipped under the political radar...

Californian nurses strike over patient care and pensions

Thousands of nurses across California have gone on strike to fight for their pensions which are being slashed by Kaiser Permanente. They have been joined on the picket line in a 'sympathy' strike by nurses from a union with a 'no strike' policy, and by maintainence workers.

Occupy Oakland and general strike call - updates and discussion

General strike?

Following the violent eviction of Occupy Oakland by police in which Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen was left critically injured, and assembly voted to build for a wildcat general strike on 2 November. Updates and discussion in the comments below.

Political work with women and as women in the present conditions: Interview with Silvia Federici

An interview with Italian Marxist feminist, Silvia Federici which centers around austerity measures in the universities, the response from students in California and women's place and experience within these movements.

California dreaming

Subversion on the class elements of the LA riots of 1992.

Justice For Oscar Grant: A Lost Opportunity?

Bay Area Marxist group's analysis of the anti-police brutality movement that emerged after the killing of Oscar Grant. In this essay, they are severely critical of the role of the non-profit organizations and the Revolutionary Communist Party. This was released in July 2009.

Advance the Struggle: Who Are We?

Description of the Bay Area Marxist group, Advance the Struggle.