The introduction from "After the fall, Communiqués from occupied California"

This is the introduction to a larger text produced during the winter of 2010 intended to help mobilize the March 4th public education strike in California.

Stanford Office Workers Reject Union

Article by Processed World analysing the vote of Stanford University office workers against joining the SEIU union.

Processed World magazine

A complete archive of Processed World, a radical magazine based in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley area by and for office and information technology workers.

Crisis in California - everything touched by capital turns toxic

California dreaming turns to California nightmare as decades of agribusiness, real estate development and exploitation of migrant workers take their toxic toll. Gifford Hartman takes us on a guided tour of the Golden State's darkside.

The Bricks We Throw at Police Today Will Build the Liberation Schools of Tomorrow

Occupied Wheeler Hall

When asked, “who does the university belong to?” we can't fail to recognize that the college itself was built by labor from generations past, the notebook paper is produced by workers in South America, the campus computers are the output of work in Chinese factories, the food in the student cafe is touched by innumerable hands before it reaches the plates, and all the furniture at UC Berkeley is produced by the incarcerated at San Quentin. Thus the university, its normal operation and existence, ought to be attributed to far more than it regularly is.

Statement of the W.S.A. In Solidarity With the California Worker/Student Movement:

The campuses of California have been occupied. Last week, the California Board of Regents decided to impose a 32% tuition increase across the University of California system. Forced to quit school or go even deeper into debt, workers and students across the state have responded by launching widespread protests against the new austerity measures in the best tradition of working class resistance - with pickets, barricades, and occupaantions.

Occupy the Crisis: The Emerging Student-Worker Direct Action Movement in California

UCSC occupation #1

A summary of the recent student occupation movement commissioned by the antioch rebel newspaper from a participant in the UCSC actions.

There's a riot goin' on - The Red Menace

Article drawing parallels between the struggles of the late 1960s and late 1980s in Berkeley, California.

Why Did the Los Angeles Supermarket Strike End in Defeat? - Letter to Red and Black Notes

The following letter from Internationalism, the US section of the International Communist current, is a comment on an article published in the last issue of R&BN on the failure of the 2003-2004 LA supermarket strikes.

California homeless hold demonstration to demand accomodations

On July 2, 2009, hundreds of homeless Californians marched on the Sacramento Town Hall to demand "safe ground".