call centres

The Gurgaon call centre hub

Text from autumn 2006 giving an overview on the call centre hub in Gurgaon, including interviews with workers.

Hell’s bells: call centre and workers in global movement

Information and interviews on call centre work and struggles in Romania and India from January 2010.

Proposal for an inquiry in Call Centers - Kolinko

Kolinko's original proposal for a detailed investigation of work, exploitation and struggle in call centres, written in November 1999.

Why workers' interviews? Kolinko

A leaflet from Kolinko attempting to find call centre workers to interview, 2000.

Kolinko interview by Direkte Aktion, 2001

Interview from January 2001 between Kolinko and anarcho-syndicalist magazine "direkte aktion" explaining their reasons for the call center-inquiry and are intervening in the workers' discussion through leaflets and websites.

Hotlines - call centre | inquiry | communism

German libertarian communist group Kolinko's detailed three-year investigation into work in call centres, restructuring and the possibilities for workers' resistance.

Bangalore calling - global re-location of call centre jobs

Prol-Position analyse trends in the movement of call centre jobs around the world as employers seek the lowest labour costs.

2004/5: Strikes at Ceritex call centres in France

A brief chronology of a large strike at call centre service company Ceritex B2S in France for a pay increase.

2004: National telemarketing strike in Spain

A brief account of a nationwide strike of telemarketing workers in Spain to establish a collective contract in the sector.

Rendezvous with call centre workers

A discussion with some call centre workers about aspects of working life in Germany in 2005.