Joint declaration for an inclusive and anti-racist community in the Saguenay

Words like shock and horror do not do enough to express our disgust before the hate crime perpetrated Saturday afternoon against the Chicoutimi Mosque. We who are active every day tearing down these borders built of prejudices, violence, oppression, privilege and ignorance, are saddened by this new manifestation of a system of oppression – racism – that is widespread where we live.

While we suspect this act to be the result of a hate propaganda campaign carried out by a local racist group, we are also taking a stand against much more widespread and everyday forms of racism in our region.

Solidarity motor bulletin #08: Chrysler workers beware!

Subtitled "mergers can be harmful to your health", this Solidarity motor bulletin was aimed at Chrysler workers in the UK and Europe on the eve of their takeover by Peugeot/Citroen. It describes the situation for workers in Peugeot plants in France, how they squeeze high productivity out of their workers and how they combat workers' struggles.

Solidarity motor bulletin #07: Struggles at Strasbourg and Ste-Therese, Canada

Solidarity bulletin containing edited versions of two texts by Walter Johnson and Echanges et Mouvement about struggles of General Motors workers in France and Canada in 1977.

Upcoming book from Recomposition and Black Cat Press

Announcement of a forthcoming book titled Lines of Work: Stories of Jobs and Resistance, from Recomposition and Black Cat Press.

Half our waking hours are spent on the job, consuming the lion’s share of our time. Our years are woven with stories of work told around the dinner table, breakroom, and bars. Yet these stories are rarely put into print, investigated, or seen as they should be; as part of workers activity to understand and change their lot under capitalism.

Attractive hardcopy!

Announcement about some new pamphlets from Thoughtcrime Ink

Our friends at Thoughtcrime Ink made a pamphlet of three pieces of ours. It’s called “From the Ashes.” You can order it here.

Organize to strike, fight to win! Quebec's 2012 student strike

Organize to strike, fight to win! Quebec's 2012 student strike

A pamphlet analysing the 2012 student strikes against tuition fee rises in Quebec.

In February 2012, students in Quebec launched an unlimited general strike to fight back against a 75% hike in university tuition fees. Contrary to the expectations of many, the strike movement lasted more than six months, morphing into one of the largest periods of social unrest the province had ever seen.

Playing for keeps - Madaline Dreyfus

An account of reasons for organising, and the death of a young child.

There were a couple of years where I didn't do any organising at work. I had fair reasons, too. Good reasons, even.

Trailer Park Boys: What really happened to Cory and Trevor

'Trevor' from Trailer Park Boys talks about Cory and Trevor leaving one of the best shows on television due to low pay and poor work conditions. uploader's note: These comments by - aka. Trevor - are reposted from here.

The IWW in Canada- G. Jewell

Leaflet on the birth and history of the Canadian section of Industrial Workers of the World.

Established in 1886, the American Federation of Labor had by the
turn of the century secured its domination over North American
organized labour. True, the federation was still a shaky affair;
the AFL - interested primarily in "respectable" craft unions --
refused to organize the great bulk of industrial workers. But

Mortar volume 1

Revolutionary Journal of Common Cause Anarchist Organization

Mortar is the theoretical journal of Common Cause. It is a project of collective writing aimed at producing original contributions to anarchist theory and furthering our members' political development.