Antisemitism and the (modern) critique of capitalism

The paper argues that modern antisemitism is the ‘rumour about Jews’ as personification of hated forms of capitalism. I will first look at some contemporary expressions of antisemitism, and theses IV and V explore Adono’s and Horkeimer’s (1989) and Postone’s (1986) understanding of Nazi antisemitism.

Murdering the dead: Amadeo Bordiga on capitalism and other disasters - Antagonism

Antagonism's introduction to a collection of articles by Amadeo Bordiga, looking at how capitalism both exacerbates, and creates, supposedly 'natural' disasters.

Open letter to Lenin - Sylvia Pankhurst

Open letter from Sylvia Pankhurst and the Workers' Dreadnaught to Lenin, accusing the Third International parties of abandoning communism.

Time, work-discipline and industrial capitalism - E. P. Thompson

Treadmills old & new - gym & prison

Thompson brilliantly explores the changing relationship to time in class society, describing the change from 'time passed' to 'time spent'; the class struggle over the creation of "the new universe of disciplined time" in factory and school.

Modern capitalism and revolution - Paul Cardan

Paul Cardan (Cornelius Castoriadis) attempts to describe and analyse the features and dynamics of the fully-industrialised capitalist societies of the early 1960s.

Absolute Property - G. Kay and J. Mott

An analysis of the nature and development of private property in relation to the state in class society, and the political prevention of the abundance that modern productive capacities make possible.

The new world order - Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky discusses the New World Order - tri-polar economically, three major economic powers, the United States still the biggest, but declining, relatively, but uni-polar militarily, one military force.

Whither the world - Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic


Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic of the Troploin journal discuss the changing nature of capitalism and class struggle in the globalised 'post-Fordist' era.

Re-visiting the east ... and popping in at Marx's - Gilles Dauvé

Construction of the Berlin Wall

Apart from North Korea and Cuba, no country calls itself socialist any more. So why bother about old debates on the nature of the USSR? Since capitalism rules the world, what else is there to know?! A great deal.

Libertarian communism and capitalism - an introduction's old basic introduction to our understanding of the world as it is, what we think can be done to make it better, and how a libertarian communist society could function. We no longer think it is particularly good but reproduce it for reference. We have largely replaced it with our introductory guides.