Nature of the period: background and perspectives (NEFAC)

A short statement adopted by NEFAC, for the purposes of discussion, on the current economic situation.

Karl Marx on the transition from feudalism to capitalism - Claudio.J.Katz

A useful summary of the argument that the class struggle of the peasantry was crucial in the transition to capitalism.

The leopard in the 20th century: value, struggle and administration - William Dixon

An examination of the changes within capitalism as a response to the development of the antagonistic class.

Decline as a Concept - and Its Consequences - Hillel Ticktin

This article produces a summary of a theory of decline of capitalism.

A Marxist Political Economy of Capitalist Instability and the Current Crisis - Hillel Ticktin

Hillel Ticktin on a Marxist political economy of the financial crisis of 2008-9 and capitalism's uncertain future.

Capitalism - further reading guide

Pyramid of the capitalist system

libcom's guide to further reading on capitalist economics, crisis and the history of capitalism.

In for a storm: a crisis on the way - Troploin

2007 article on the state of global capitalism and the possibility of rupture.

Capitalism, technology and the environment

A (non-orthodox) Marxist critique of technology under capitalism as inherently antagonistic towards the environment as well as labor.

Goldacre: 'Argument is about capitalism, not food '

organic food

Ben Goldacre points to the analogies between the 'organic' food argument and the BigPharma vs homeopathy/'alternative medicine' - mainly that all niches will be filled under capitalism.

Antisemitism and the (modern) critique of capitalism

The paper argues that modern antisemitism is the ‘rumour about Jews’ as personification of hated forms of capitalism. I will first look at some contemporary expressions of antisemitism, and theses IV and V explore Adono’s and Horkeimer’s (1989) and Postone’s (1986) understanding of Nazi antisemitism.