Okna Rabien: Calluousness and indifference towards workers in the name of profit.

Dozens of Phillipino workers face deportation after problems with their employers at Okna Rabien near Lodz.

Korean three-year struggle against precariousness

Female precarious workers at Kiryung Electronics Satellite Radio plant in Seoul enter their 1,100th day of struggle.

Iranian autoworkers strike against precarious work

Thousands of workers at the Iran Khodro car manufacturing plant are protesting the exploitation of precarious workers and demanding better wages and conditions.

RMT and TSSA vote for joint strike action

RMT station staff and train operator members voted Thursday by a margin of five to one for strike action in defence of safety on the London Underground.

Korea: Train attendants strike in longest, most bitter struggle by working women

On March 1, 2006, approximately four hundred women who work as train attendants on the KTX “bullet train” began a strike against casual working conditions.

Heinz workers defy union and walk out

Mean meanz Heinz

Over 1,000 staff at food manufacturer Heinz's Wigan plant walked out Wednesday night over a sub-inflation pay offer, and sickness and disciplinary procedures.

China: Workers in Guangdong attacked for asking to be paid

A chinese construction worker in the shadow of a high rise

Construction workers building a dam near Heyuan, were attacked after demanding payment, having gone four months without wages.

Sweden: Migrant workers "used as slaves"

Construction worker (generic)

Young British men are being used as 'slave labourers' in Stockholm, police have said. The men are being used in building work, and according to reports they are paid only sporadically and live in squalor.

France: Post Office strikes

The flagship branch of the french post office and the only one to open 24 hours a day has been hit by strike actions.

Workers strike at Iran's largest shipbuilding company

Shipbuilding in Iran

On January 30, 2007, the entrance to the Iran Sadra (SADRA- Iran Marine Industrial Co.) in its Bushehr Yards Ship Building was shut down by about 150 workers of the company in the City of Bushehr who were protesting the sacking of 38 of their colleagues as well as the short temporary contracts.