Casual workers strike in the schools of Marseilles, 2003

The French movement against the CPE, 2006’s brief summary of the mass movement which swept France in early 2006 against the further casualisation of labour which forced the government into a humiliating defeat.

The great London dock strike, 1889

Dockers' strike march, 1889

A huge and powerful strike of British dockers against low pay, unsafe conditions and casual, precarious employment contracts which, with international solidarity, won nearly all its demands and marked a turning point in UK working class history.

World Bank says: work 24/7 with no rights

A new World Bank report calls for the wholesale elimination of workers' rights.

France: CPE employment law scrapped after mass protests

Following weeks of mass protest which have swept the country Jacques Chirac has announced the replacement of the CPE with a device in favour of getting disadvantaged young people into work.

Spain: Thousands march against new labour laws

As millions fight new employment laws in France, last week 5,000 people marched in Madrid against new proposed labour reforms in Spain.

France: Protests take international turn

As the protests agains the First Employment Contract (CPE) continue in France, young workers and students across the world have begun to show support for the French movement or take similar action themselves.

Workers take protest to Parisian theatre

At 18.00 yesterday, a group of cultural, temporary workers, students and “Precaires” (workers in precarious or casual labour), penetrated the prestigious Chaillot National Theatre.

Youth worker protests spread to Sweden

A report from Sweden, where the French youth revolt has inspired local opposition to proposed youth labour reforms.

CGT declaration

Statement from the CGT trade union on the CPE.