The French strikes of May-June 1968 - Bruno Astarian

A demystifying review essay and analysis summarizing the events of May-June 1968 in France with an almost exclusive focus on the strikes of the workers, based on reports and testimonies garnered from a voluminous bibliography, providing a sobering reassessment of the largest nationwide strike in French history, which the author defines as a “generalized non-insurrectional work stoppage”.

Flu vaccine workers strike

Workers have launched all-out strikes at two sites owned by Sanofi Pasteur in support of a demand for higher wages.

General Strike: France 1968 - A factory by factory account

Sud Aviation workers occupation, 1968

Andre Hoyles analyses the development, organisation and end of the mass strike in France, 1968, with reference to case studies of particular factories.

Electronics workers save their jobs in France

After an occupation and strike lasting over six weeks workers at the FCI Microconnections in Mantes-la-Jolie have saved their jobs.

France: Airbus workers wildcat strike succeeds

Airbus workers vote for wildcat at a general assembly

Airbus workers in France have won a higher salary increase and a one-off payment.

France: Sabotage at Renault factory

Workers at the Renault factory in Le Mans have been accused by management of sabotaging factory equipment.

France: Strike over at Gare d'Austerlitz

Gare d'Austerlitz

Night-train cleaners at the Gare d'Austerlitz rail station in Paris have ended their strike after negotiations with management.

France: Paris air traffic controllers strike

Staff held a one-day strike on Saturday in protest at plans to force workers to change sites and the planned rationalisation of the network.

France: Airport catering workers demonstrate

LSG-Gate-Gourmet workers threatened with dismissal as the management attempt to wind the company up demonstrated on Wednesday 4 April.