Wildcat strikes at Walmart China

Walmart workers at four stores across China have utilised social media to launch a series of coordinated wildcat strikes against the company’s imposition of a new work schedule that enables management to change work hours at short notice and reduce overtime payments.

Goals and methods of the anarchist-communist party - Liu Shifu

Manifesto written by Liu Shifu for the Chinese anarchist paper People's Voice in 1914.

International Council Correspondence Volume 3, Number 9-10

The Volume 3, Number 9-10 (October 1937) issue of International Council Correspondence.

"China on Strike" book talks, San Francisco Bay Area, 6-7 April 2016

China on Strike book cover

China on Strike is the first English-language book that provides an intimate and revealing window into the lives of workers organizing in China’s most profitable factories -- supplying Apple, Nike, Hewlett Packard, and other multinationals. This book has dozens of interviews with Chinese workers, documenting the processes of migration, changing employment relations, worker culture, and other transformations related to China’s explosive growth.

China: reading guide

Little red book poster's reading guide on China, China's history and the working class movement in the region.

Cultural revolution at the margins: Chinese socialism in crisis

Yiching Wu's pathbreaking 2014 book, providing key insights into the contradictions of Mao-era socialism, "ultra-left" efforts to supersede them, and how the Maoist-initiated mass movements and then suppression thereof in the late 1960s laid the foundations for the consolidation of a new ruling class and China's integration into global capitalism. One of the most important books on PRC history from a Marxist perspective.

Slandering of the workers' movement will not be permitted

December 3, 2015, over 20 Guangzhou and Foshan labor activists were apprehended by police, launching a crackdown that has as of the latest updates put 4 activists under arrest and closed down several prominent labor organizations in the Pearl River Delta. This piece by labor activist 工弩 is one of the first critiques the limits of the labor movement response thus far to the crackdown and demands a more thoughtful, organized response by worker activists, beginning with the voicing of a clear labor movement position in the current fight.

4 of the Guangdong labor activists formally charged, 2 released - day 37

Today (Jan 8 2016) is the 37th day of the criminal detention of Guangzhou-Foshan labor activists Zeng Feiyang, Zhu Xiaomei, He Xiaobo, Deng Xiaoming, Meng Han and Peng Jiayong. According to law, this is the maximum permissible length of criminal detention. Tang Jian, who was not criminally detained, has also been out of contact for 37 days.