Anarchism in North China, 1910-1934

Some personal recollections of the anarchist movement in Northern China.

1894-1931: Anarchism in Korea

Tram in Pyongyang, Korea under the Japanese rule, 1930s

A short history of anarchism and the anarchist movement in North and South Korea.

China: Capitalism works you to death - literally

Following another worker's death, Ret Marut examines the conditions in China's factories.

1922: The Hong Kong strike

The history of a huge general strike in Hong Kong which won many concessions, including a 20% pay hike.

Bakunin on trial


The ghost of Bakunin appears in a Chinese courtroom to haunt bureaucratic Maoism! The incident described below occurred in the aftermath of the Chinese 'Cultural Revolution'. The power battles between opposing factions of the ruling bureaucratic elite in Maoist China set in motion great upheavals and mobilizations of students and workers that sometimes went further than either ruling faction intended, as can be seen below.

China and Vietnam: Thousands of clothing workers strike

In Shangdong, China, more than 1,000 textile workers were on strike last week, while in Vietnam around 4,000 workers at a shoe factory struck for a wage increase.

Chinese riot over detention of activist

Angry villagers in China's Shandong province have rioted in support of a blind activist who has been under house arrest for campaigning against forced sterilisations and abortions.

Hong Kong Phooey - WTO conference ends with the usual promises

After its Hong Kong summit, at which thousands of people demonstrated and fought with riot police SchNEWS examines the differences between the WTO’s words and its practices.

On tap at the WTO: Private water

The focus of the Hong Kong round for rich western nations is to squeeze every drop of money they can by privatising public services. When it comes to water systems, that can be deadly.

Hong Kong: Hundreds fight police against global trade rules

Thousands demonstrated in Hong Kong against the conference of the World Trade Organisation.