Belfast Anti-BNP protest confronted by fascists

Belfast anti-fascist protestors are currently engaged in a stand-off with fascists in central Belfast at a protest over the British National Party (BNP) scheduled BBC appearance.

No Gods, No Masters: how the churches and politicians failed to help the Roma in Belfast

Comments on the failure of the churches and politicians to tackle racism in Belfast.

Belfast protests continue for sacked Nortel workers


Sacked Nortel workers and supporters continued their protests in Belfast today rallying for their redundancy packages.

Workers safer in green energy sector

A recent commentary - ‘Expansion of Renewable Energy Industries and Implications for Occupational Health’ - on the human costs of various methods of energy production says ‘green energies’ are less likely to result in death at work than fossil fuels.

Victorious Belfast traffic warden speaks

From issue 2 of The Leveller, this is an expanded version of the story of the four-month battle against bosses by Belfast traffic wardens. This article contains extracts from an interview with an NCP worker involved in the dispute elaborated on the deal they had won, and how they fought their bosses.

Victory to Belfast Traffic Wardens!

After a 4 month battle against bosses over their sacking for wildcat action, 28 traffic wardens in Belfast have won their fight.

Protests continue in Belfast for sacked Nortel workers

Protests continued today in support of 87 workers sacked with no redundancies at the Nortel plant outside Belfast last March.

Monson could face jail time

Professional MMA fighter and anarchist Jeff Monson faces potential jail time when sentenced this October in connection to a graffiti incident in November 2008.

Protests due after police raid Thomas Cook occupation in Dublin


Protests have been called at short notice in Dublin and Belfast after 28 workers occupying Thomas Cook offices in Dublin's Grafton Street fighting jobs cuts were arrested this morning.

Goldacre: 'Argument is about capitalism, not food '

organic food

Ben Goldacre points to the analogies between the 'organic' food argument and the BigPharma vs homeopathy/'alternative medicine' - mainly that all niches will be filled under capitalism.